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[A3] [EU] [WW2] [RECRUITING] 91st Airborne: Beginner-friendly WW2-Airborne Unit is recruiting for 2nd Platoon

2020.11.29 17:00 91stAirborne [A3] [EU] [WW2] [RECRUITING] 91st Airborne: Beginner-friendly WW2-Airborne Unit is recruiting for 2nd Platoon

[A3] [EU] [WW2] [RECRUITING] 91st Airborne: Beginner-friendly WW2-Airborne Unit is recruiting for 2nd Platoon
tl;dr: WW2-Milsim Unit with emphasis on being beginner friendly and not too serious outside operations looking for more members for 2nd platoon. Apply through our forums if you´re interested!
Important Links
Website (join forums to start recruitment process!):
Official Youtube:
Some funny videos recorded and edited by some of our guys:
Operation Glacier ; Operation Polyphemos ; recent Training Operation
Our very own newspaper:
Stars and Stripes, Nov. 2nd
Here´s some pics so you get the idea:

Training Op Debrief

Stalking the new recruits & trainers at our Urban Combat Training Course

2nd Squad, 1st Platoon, securing a bridgehead under smoke cover from mortars

1st Squad, 1st Platoon & Support Squad, 1st Platoon crossing an open field with halftrack support
To be a part of the unit you just need to join our Forums: There you can fill in your (very short) application form and then a staff member will be in touch with you after that to arrange a short interview on our recruitment discord. If you pass this small hurdle, we´ll tell you when the next Basic Combat Training sessions will be. We only do Basic Combat Trainings for serious applicants, so please make up your mind before you decide to join us. While we do not generally reject people who already play in another unit and we don´t have mandatory attendance rules when real life clashes with your wish to play arma, we will not commit to someone who is not willing to show the same commitment to our unit. Doing a basic training for someone who doesnt wish to join after all is just wasting the time of the applicant and the trainers alike. After you´ve passed the interview phase and the BCT you earned your jump wings and are considered a full member of the unit with the rank of Pvt. You´ll then be assigned to a squad with your role preferences in mind. After a short probation time you can start to rise up in the ranks of the 91st Airborne.
As you can see, we are a semi-professional WW2 Milsim unit that plays as US Paratroopers. We might be quite a new unit but we´re growing fast nevertheless. Currently Fox Company only consists of Company HQ and 1st Platoon with a Platoon HQ Section, 2 Rifle Squads and 1 Support/Heavy Weapon Squad. The 91st currently has roughly 40 members, attendance rates at the operations range between 20 - 30 players. We do aim for a full Company sized unit in the future, which means we roughly want to double our numbers. Another goal of the unit is to go through different eras as time goes on, so World War II will most likely be followed by Vietnam at one point (in the far future). While the unit itself is relatively new, that doesnt mean we are utterly inexpierienced. Our Company HQ brings tons of Milsim experience to the table and we do have several veterans of different, now disbanded units. However, we are quite open to absolute newcomers and at least half of our players haven´t been in a Milsim Unit before. We consider ourselves as a beginner friendly unit, so nobody will do the "Drill Sergeant" on you if you make a mistake. Also we don´t take ourselves too serious, as you can see in the video links i posted initially. We´re currently looking for recruits to fill up a 2nd Platoon so thatis where YOU come in! We are currently fighting in France, early in our European Campaign, so now is the perfect time to join!
The 91st is led by the principle that, while we do act professionally and as realistic as possible during operations and training, after all we are NOT in the real US Army so we aren´t that rigid when we´re not on official stuff. While we are trying to be as professional as we are able to in the field, new players shouldn´t be afraid to join us. Our NCO´s and CO´s are not only selected by skill and competence, but by personality too. We do make sure that whoever is put in charge of a part of the unit is someone who is there for his guys and is always keen to help new players with problems they might have.
91st Parachute Infantry Regiment, Fox Company: The 91st Airborne was formed on the 4th of July 1940 as an experimental unit to be dropped behind enemy lines and disrupt enemy communication and supply lines, Recruitment started on the 9th of September 1940 and the unit was designated the 91st Parachute Infantry Regiment. [CLASSIFIED] was chosen as the location for the training facility under the name Camp Roanoke. On the 29th of April the recruits were in, under the command of Captain D. Winters and his back then XO Compton. Fox Company was the first to form. Unlike any other, this experimental unit had to meet the highest level of training as the soldiers were expected to fight without resupply for days as they jumped feet first into the chilly breeze of Axis occupied Europe. After the campaign in [CLASSIFIED] ended successfully, the 91st Airborne are currently fighting in France in the Western European Theatre of War.
We play as US Paratroopers in WW2, which means that the missions revolve around infantry based combat with little supplies. But the supply-situation is by far not the only difficulty we are facing during operations, since with the lack of any modern equipment, you´ll get challenged in ways you have never before. Because of that, there is a mandatory Basic Combat Training (BCT) that recruits will have to attend before they earn their Jump Wings and can join us in operations. It covers 3 phases that can be done on different dates since the training itself can be time-consuming and we see that recruits might have other plans. BCT Covers all the techniques, tactics and tools that are not part of your standard Arma III experience because of the setting or because they were added by mods. This includes but is not limited to: Our very own Code of Conduct, weapon and equipment familiarisation, formations and reaction to enemy fire, urban combat training, ACE and Enhanced Movement Mod familiarisation, Navigation without map markers or GPS and of course jumping and landing procedures. The BCT can be longer or shorter, depending on how familiar you are with the information provided. This ensures that you know the tools and tactics we use to fight and win our battles. Once BCT is completed, you are considered a full and equally respected member of the 91st Airborne. The BCT might be followed by a short instruction if you wish to play as a specialist role like medic, but other than that there are no mandatory trainings that you need to do before you can join us in actual operations. There are, however, Platoon and Squad level live fire trainings if the Platoon HQ or the Squad Leader thinks, his or her group could use some excercise in certain areas. Operations revolve typically around a single target that needs to be taken, with several secondary targets along the way. Primary targets can be villages, cities, strategically valuable positions or enemy officers we need to capture. Our excellent mission makers make sure that the missions are always balanced with the number of attending players and diverse in their setting and objectives while being part of a coherent campaign so it never get´s boring or frustrating. These operations are then, again, embedded into an consistent campaign where the outcome of our operations affect the following missions directly and indirectly.
A welcoming, friendly environment: We would rather see ourselves as a group of friends than a Milsim Unit if we are not on operations or official training.
Professional Operations: That however does not mean our operations devolve to a band of headless chicken running around and probably shooting each other. Both the mission files and the execution are as professional as it gets
Training that fits the needs of the recruits: If you´re a seasoned player we will try or best not to bore you, if it is your first time ever playing Arma we will make sure to help you getting to know everything you need
Promotions based on skill and character: While a candidate for a NCO or CO position has to show that he is fit for said rank, that is not limited to an understanding of tactics and other game-related topics. A candidate also must have a certain character, he has to have an open ear for the game-related problems of his men and has to be helpful and not belittling. The NCO´s and CO´s job is first and foremost to ensure that everybody enjoys the experience.
A new gameplay experience: The setting and the restrictions it brings as well as the mods we use to add tools create a rather unique experience that differs from your standard Arma III gameplay. The lack of equipment like GPS, NVGs or Scopes and Supressors as well as the added realism through mods like ACE and Enhanced Movement come together in a mix that might look hard but leads to an immersive and addictive experience that you don´t want to miss again after you´ve done your first operation.
Fun Ops: Outside of our regular official Operations and Platoon Trainings, we do have a lot of Fun Ops. Dedicated Events are planned and held on Sundays whenever the mission makers got the spare time to prepare them. These events include, but are not limited to WW2 based PVP and PVE missions (with a twist) as well as the occasional non-WW2-stuff. Apart from that we also play fun WW2-related gamemodes on the server when no mission or training is being held. For now we got a resistance scenario called "Vindicta" going, which is great fun and comes with era appropriate equipment and enemies.
Flexibility on roles: While you can apply for a specialist slot, that doesnt mean you´ll only get to play as a rifleman when there are no vacant slots left. We do offer specialist trainings for all the different roles and encourage our squad members to play as different roles so things dont get boring. So switching classes with a squadmate or filling in for a medic who´s on vacation is absolutely possible and very much encouraged.
- A legal copy of Arma III, no DLC´s required as of now
- Being 17+ (exceptions are possible, depends on maturity)
- Your willingness to learn and to follow orders
- Some knowledge of the english language. Since many of our members are not native speakers however, there is no need for perfect english, we just have to understand each other. By the way, be aware that the author of this text is no native speaker, so sorry for any errors I made along the way - A working microphone
- To respect your fellow paratroopers and in return to be respected
- A sense of humour is helpful
- Empathy towards new players, we will not tolerate anyone belittling someone else because of his lack of experience
- Some level of commitment, especially from players who play in other units as well. There´s no mandatory attendance rules when real life stuff happens, but we will not commit to someone who does not want to commit to us. We are, after all, a unit and not some sort of backup plan. So please do only apply if you actually want to join us. If you just want to have a look first, i can send you links to tons of video material from different operations.
The 91st Airborne do offer quite a few roles which work together like cogs in a wheel. The roles are as follows:
- Rifleman
- Autorifleman
- Machine Gunner
- Ammo Bearer
- AT Specialist
- Radioman
- Medic
- Engineer
Apart from that, there is a number of CO and NCO-Positions which you can be chosen for provided that a position is vacant and that you prove yourself character and skill-wise.
As of now Operations start on Saturday 18:00 BST. Most of our Units members are from all around Europe so we schedule operations and trainings with that in mind. However, if you´ve got no problem with that fact, you are absolutely welcome in the 91st, wherever you might live. BCT Dates will be provided depending on how many recruits there are. As of now, Thursday is reserved for Platoon Excercises. If you can not attend our operations or excercises, we ask you to tell your Squad Leaders so they can relay that information to Company HQ. Keep in mind, the Operations need to be balanced to the number of players that will be attending so that information is vital.
That´s all, I think. Sorry for the wall of text. Feel free to PM me with any questions.
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2020.11.29 05:15 Longjumping_Scene_99 Is 21 too late to turn my life around and become a good person? UPDATE [Plan]

OP: This is a post addressing a post I made here in a hopeless fit as a cry for help and attention that I did not expect to get a single response to - below are my inferences after a week of reflection. The bold below is my specific plan. Thank you ALL.
I did not know this community existed, and I did not know I would receive the amount of outreach that was given to me. I have not yet read every comment, but I have read many of them, and I appreciate the pieces of advice and personal anecdotes that were shared with me. In honesty, I did not expect any more than ten responses, as my hope was so low for any kind of recourse and I really, truly did believe that I was a worthless person, and that things were too late, and that nobody cared.
However, after reading the replies to my post and reflecting on both the advice I was given and on my present situation, my past, and the possibilities of my future, from my desperation for hope grew real hope. I did not take a second look at the original post until at least twenty-four hours later, because I truly assumed it'd been buried, or didn't make it through, or that it'd been deleted. This is an insightful, helpful community, and I thank all of you whom took their time to be considerate of me and to tell me that there is a way forward and how I could do it, and that I could do it.
It meant a lot to hear from so many people, especially people my elder - which seemed to be the majority of the demographic of the repliers - that I was not a horrible person and I was not worth nothing, that the world did not simply just give me up for good. I felt so chewed up and spit out by life that I honestly felt that things were done for me and I was too far gone. A lot of people had similar experiences and a lot of people helped convey the truthful message to me in a way that I did not know was possible or had even imagined that I was a victim of very horrible things that happened to me at a very young age and that I should not blame myself for them or my state, or to let them define me.
I also know that it is not too late - that although I will probably never meet another freshly-turned 21 year old who has been through as much mental hell that I have, that have experienced the horrors that I have, and that can even remotely relate to the way that I feel and perceive the world as as a human being - I am not wasted, I am not worthless, I am not ruined - I have not passed the point of no return that I thought I have, or that I thought existed for me. I am not over. I may have a crook in my step, I may be different from people my age and I may have been seriously beat down and shown the worst life had to offer so early into it, but I am not a lost cause, and I am not a useless waste of space.
I am not a bad person. I am an intelligent, capable, kind, loving, perseverant man with a big heart and a beautiful mind. I am not going to give up. I will not let my past and this sickness constrain me, I will not let these demons torture me any longer. I will not be bound, I will not break, I will not self-destruct and spiral down like I have done in the past. I will persist and I will remain honest and good to myself and others and I will face life with my chin up and find my smile. I will take whatever else life has to hit me with, because if I've watched my mother overdose and die graphically as a boy, been stomped and kicked in my head, been strangled and once even stabbed, been beat for nearly a decade by grown men as a child and teenager and been harassed, bullied an abused my whole life dating back as recent to a $exual assault months ago and I'm still alive, and I'm still sane enough to speak concisely like this, and I've done no evil - I damn well can take whatever the fuck it may be that wants me next.
It sounds so dystopic to say that hundreds of strangers on an online forum gave me the resurgence of hope I yearned for so desperately that I cried for help on a forum on a website I don't participate in, displaying full vulnerability, but reading so many positive comments and taking this time to breathe and reflect and take a second look at these things has really kickstarted something in me. I had something to begin with - quitting drinking - but I feel something warmer now. I feel like I am going to find my place in life - I feel like, in time, through a lot of hard work and endurance, I will build self-esteem, I will mold all the broken pieces into a better man, I will find a way.
After my recent traumatic event this Summer, I thought - it's never gonna end. It's always like this. I'm a fucking worthless piece of shit and this anger will only grow, things will only get worse and I am plainly living in a cursed world that only does harm. It was the "final domino" that led me to complete hopelessness and forfeiture, but now I know that I am not going to give in, and I do now have hope that I will turn things around, that the guilt, shame, anger, and despair will subside, and that I will one day leave this dark place for good, and be able to never, ever look back.
This means a lot to me, I haven't felt like I was "fixable" or worth salvation for so long. Thank you.
I am currently working on things. Firstly mental - for example, if I get down on myself and say "You are a bad person, you deserved all of it, you are worth nothing" - I will read this. I will forgive myself. I will take actions and steps into the world instead of hiding inside and wasting away in a bedroom behind a phone. My issues with addiction that I use to numb the pain of reality will be erased and replaced with healthy practices. For instance, as a social media addict, I have deleted Instagram and Facebook, and ordered books to begin reading, specifically ones for childhood trauma. I will not check in or return to social media until I am mentally stable and have intentions to use it for good purposes, if I wish to.
As a habitual alcohol abuser, I have made a serious mental effort to stop drinking for the purposes I had of numbing the pain and passing out - I have not been drunk since October 23rd, and I filled an empty bottle with notes on why I should not drink. As a (relatively mild) substance addict, I am taking time to dedicate myself to weaning off of my prescribed dose (2mg) of Xanax for severe anxiety (which will be difficult - but luckily I have help) and replacing it with a more positive and healthy treatment modality. As a person with severe PTSD and depression, I am using my hope and the fortune I am lucky to have to access resources for treatment. I am already exercising intermittently, but I will try to do it routinely, to force myself to eat accordingly, and to dedicate myself to intense therapy. I am seeing a therapist on the 3rd and will get ahold with a psychiatrist. I am going to promptly address my current situation with the traumatic event that occurred over the summer and the actions that made the hole I was already in deeper. This is where I will start, and I will make appropriate progress.
As far of my lack of willpower goes, and my confusion and feeling of "lost", I will be requesting a leave of absence from my university for the Spring semester to dedicate myself to working a job and bettering my work ethic, to bettering my physical and mental wellbeing, to invest time into my mapping out my future and discovering what it is I am supposed to do, to re-integrate myself socially, and, overall, to improve myself, and get my feet on the ground and face the world. I am already starting on this - I have an interview tomorrow for a position I believe I will obtain. It is hard labor and a job I have done before, and I believe this kind of work is a good first step in building willpower.
There are more things I wish to do, such as be active here and in other communities, but it will take time for me to concisely put them into plan, and longer to put into action. I will grow and not be the shell of the shell that I currently am, but instead become a happy, healthy person.
I did not think that I would ever type something like this, and mean every word of it, but I do. Thank you, I am still in pain and things are still so fresh and at this moment I do feel anxious, but after enough time, work, and care, I will be able to say that I am in a good place. Godspeed.
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2020.11.29 02:57 Ben_Seattle_x27 (Ben to the Komrade discussion forum) Red and Green projects -- some ideas

<Ben--Nov28> (Ben to the Komrade discussion forum) Red and Green projects -- some ideas
5:50 PM 11/28/2020
Hi everyone,
My intent has been to post here on a weekly basis, but last weekend I was too busy.
I have also noted that there have not been many other posts either.
I do hope to hear more from others. In particular, I would like people here to answer these questions:
questions (for everyone)
(1) What brought you to this forum? What would you like to see here? Why?
(2) What kinds of development or evolution would you expect to see (and/or hope to see) on social media platforms over the next 10 years?
my answers to these questions
Here are my answers to these questions:
(1) I intend to write simple scripts to make it possible for activists to have public conversations that are easier to follow. I would like, for this purpose, to have people I can bounce ideas off of.
Related to this, it would be helpful to have people who can (a) offer suggestions when I run into technical problems and (b) give encouragement and moral support, so I do not feel alone in my efforts.
(2) I expect, in the next 10 years, to see many projects experiment with better ways of doing social media.
what kinds of projects am I interested in working on?
In general, I divide projects into two categories. I call these green projects and red projects.
Red projects are for modest execution.
Green projects are where we can dream ambitiously.
Red projects are things that are relatively simple, and could be done relatively quickly. Green projects are a bit more like daydreaming. Green projects may be beyond our ability to do, but may be worthwhile to think about--to help lay the foundation for potential future work.
Personally, I have no doubt that social media will emerge which is not run by greedy corporations--or by governments which represent the interests of the exploiting social class. I want more people to understand why this is inevitable.
Examples of red projects could be:
Red project # 1:
an editable chart with a list of articles to be reviewed by a weekly show (such as TheMarxistLine, on Twitch each Sunday) which keeps viewers up-to-date on the work of various marxist organizations. This chart would have a row for each article, and columns for the opinions of each reviewer. So, for example, for each article, I could see a 3-sentence summary of the article by Art and a 3-sentence summary by Andrew (each would have their own column). By looking at this chart, someone like me could decide if the article is worth reading. This chart would also make it possible for someone like me to add my own 3-sentence summary. This chart would be interactive so that I could sort and filter by topic, organization, date or any combination of the above.
Red project # 2:
an aggregation of articles from marxist organizations (ie: hosting the articles in a common format, not just giving links to the articles on their originating website). The idea here would be to implement a common database as is described in the "Thread Manifesto". This common database would include links to public discussion threads (on twitter, facebook, reddit, or anywhere) that discuss the article.
If such a database existed, it would make it possible for readers anywhere in the world who like (or dislike) a particular article to link up with one another in a way that would be easier and more practical than what exists now.
Red project # 3:
This could be something like this forum--but where each user could choose to make a post public. This would save time for someone like me. I am (for example) posting this here, on this forum, as well as on node 4012 (which involves extra work).
Green project # 1:
This would be a spec, or sorts, written in simple language, from the perspective of a user (and content creator) for a universal social media platform. It is not too early, in my humble opinion, to dream about this.
Green project # 2:
This would be a forum that makes it easier to follow discussion threads when there are many users involved.
I will give an example of why this is needed:
Two or three years ago, there was a facebook thread on the situation in Syria that became flooded with lots of interesting and useful comments.
The dictator in Syria, Bashar al-Assad, has murdered probably about 400 hundred thousand people there. To make matters worse, much of "the left" is so bankrupt and confused that it has actually supported him. In this situation, the facebook thread attracted so many useful comments that it became impractical to follow the conversation--the thread itself became too tangled and confusing. People would get lost and not be able to find the comment they wanted to read and reply to. The facebook structure was simple not setup for something complex like that.
There are many ways to structure things better. For example, when slashdot first appeared (ie: before it sold out to commercial interests) it made use of innovative features that allowed users to better sort and navigate complex threads.
I have many ideas for how modern technology can cut through the confusion like Alexander the Great cut the Gordian knot. I would like to explain some of these ideas if anyone here is interested. So let me know, ok?
That's it for now.
If anyone has any questions for me--please speak up.
I am willing to contribute to this list, but please note: I cannot do everything by myself. We are a community. Everyone here has the ability to contribute to the life of this discussion, and the effort of humanity to create social media that refines knowledge instead of amplifying ignorance. So make your voice heard!
All the best,
Ben Seattle
All power to the public domain
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2020.11.28 19:31 relentlessminds2020 Former JW, On a Mission to Help Others.

Hi everyone,
My name is Laurie and would like to share my story as an introduction to this forum, as well as share where my journey has taken me now 7 years later. I think it is beneficial to see that there is a light at the other end of the tunnel when our circumstances appear to be dire and hopeless when we make such big life transitions.
I was born into the JW organization, my journey as a non-witness began when I was 18 years old. I decided to run away from home at the time and couch surfed for a period of months with non-witness family members and someone I was dating. I say couch surfed because I was unable (not unwilling) to stay at any one place for more than 2-3 weeks due to being asked to leave. I was shunned by my life-long friends and witness family members. In leaving the organization I had also decided to divorce the witness I had married 6 months prior (to no one's knowledge) and whom I had dated in secret for nearly 3 years. We actually decided to get married because we no longer wanted to "sin" by committing sexual relations, and so 2 months after my 18th birthday we eloped. My history of "acting up" started when I was 15 years old and I lived with guilt, shame and fear for years until I felt that I could no longer go on this way. Before this my reputation and self-image was pristine and unblemished. I truly believed that there was something wrong with me and that I was so badly tainted and damaged that the only solution I felt there was was to leave the organization to cleanse myself in isolation in order to not cause more harm, and return once I was restored.
I never returned.
When I left the JW organization I knew that I wanted more in my life, I knew that the amount of shame and control I felt was not something I wanted to experience for the rest of my life. However I could never fathom the idea of never returning to the organization, not until 3 years had passed. In this time I put myself through college, I started my career and I made friends with good people who were worldly but were in fact supportive and healthy influences on me. I began to realize that so many of the things that the organization warned me about was untrue, and I came to understand how unhealthy and inappropriate it was to enforce strict and unforgiving rules to every aspect of the lives of others. And worse, imposing methods of isolation and shaming to those that didn't abide by these rules due to simply wanting different in their lives.
7 years have passed since I first decided to leave the world I knew and venture into an unknown and scary world that I knew nothing about. In this time I have healed my guilt and doubt, grown as a person, discovered who I am meant to be and created a happy and fulfilling life. The experiences I went through turned on a curiosity within me to learn more about what makes people move past hardships and how I could help others to do so.
I’m in the process of developing a program that can better serve individuals (perhaps) like you to find the strength, courage, and support you need to get through difficult times as you strive to create a happier, and more fulfilling life. In these early stages, I am making an incredible effort to learn more about people who are struggling with feeling trapped and unhappy with their current circumstances in life and want the “know-how” of how to move beyond it all.
I this sounds like you, I would truly love for you to fill out the following survey to help me understand the things you (and others like you) experience while attempting to achieve the happiness you desire. In exchange for 15 minutes of your time to fill out my survey, I will then be selecting 10 people to hop on a complementary 30 minute “Be Relentless” call with me so I can help you get through your current struggle, at absolutely no charge!
Here is the link:
Thank you so much!
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2020.11.28 17:36 thrownforapoop A Person in Progress

Disclaimer: This is not a essay on whether women or men are more at fault for the detachments that occur between them. Rather it is a summary of on person’s struggle and journey towards finding what can be used to bring them together. Obviously it may be repetitive and annoying, but hopefully it can resonate with people who feel like they are alone in this world and just watch the people with the apparent confidence to share their life enjoy what they cannot.
One element of advice from a man who received more attention than he deserved from women to the anyone who decides to listen: Initiate Conversation with those you subconsciously believe as less than you. This will take practice and experience to learn, but normally if you find something uninteresting or boring, you have a prime opportunity in life to learn and grow for yourself and something else. Please take it.
Whether or not it will serve me well to do this, I am in a state of constant argument with my own mind, morals, and morality. I could choose to walk away from these feelings and accept that the journey to overcome this would be unlikely to succeed. It is why I am writing. As most great adventures go, history will ignore the millions that died while trying. Or as Yoda says, those that do not, are ignored.
At some point in growing up in grade school I started to have overwhelming anxiety that was akin to having a flu’s nausea whenever I missed an assignment. It would be a minimal reading assignment at first or just a missed practice, but would evolve to not showing up for presentations of group projects. Prior to having the internet, a child’s mind had books and old movies to play out and reflect their imaginations. How it was passed to me, I cannot say as I have no recollection of any mention of sex while growing up, but at some point the concept of sex grew out of these mediums. By about 2/3 grade I had somehow discovered what sex was and was given detention by making fun of a girl at school about her wanting to have sex along with another kid.
Natural bodily functions were functional, necessary, but a bane to existence, I would have issues that had been recurring since I was young. One of my first recollections is having been unable to control myself in the main area of the house and trying to clean shit up myself at around 5 years old. After that, I know I had trouble controlling myself while sleeping. I would either have night terrors and sleep walk, wake up screaming, or else wake up having peed, shit, or vomitted on myself. Well into my elementary school years, my my mother kept a walkie talkie in my room and once caused her to break a toe trying to stop me from doing one of those acts in the middle of the night and went to the hospital. Gloriously these reactions happened at restaurants, but my memory is hazier there. Nightmares where I would recall being at a family meal and not being able to interact with people and becoming very concerned that I would never be able to communicate with anyone. At times this manifested by being at school with a fever and convincing my teachers that any feverish symptoms were due to playing outside.
So welcome to the show. You’ve got the hook. It’s terribly baited. What sexual being would choose something destined to be ignored, pitied, and rejected. One that is logical.
A word of note, the majority of those memories are of a selfish being. A being so mentally incapable of understanding of the outside world that my family’s burden maintaining that kind of child is rarely considered in my head. I was even fascinated by a TV show where a woman was demonstrating methods the mafia used to kill people which stuck in my mind. She would not die, but my thoughts would begin to wonder how to solve those frustrating childish problems.
First section isn’t really abuse as the term is commonly understood. While I do believe that physical and sexual abuse are way worse, the action to accept that I was helps me see that others are too and to not act out in reaction if they act in a negative way to me. Mind you it’s taken me 28 years to see this with countless male friends, but admittedly few or one directional female friends spending time with me. This may be identified earlier if the friendships at a younger age are stronger, long lasting, and deeply emotional. In my circumstance it was not.
To not make this a self hating essay, I have to give credit that I made my own friendships for the most part. The concept of parents molding a child’s social circle was ambiguous to me, as mostly is the case for all abusive households. If the parent is struggling there is a good chance that struggle will be passed on to the kid. For the most part I was able to create a world to be successful in. But taking a small sliver of wisdom from Thomas Jefferson (given his own failings at following his own advice): continuously refresh that world. He believed a constitution should be rewritten every 20 years, and a person has much more freedom of movement to accomplish that much more regularly.
Avoidance that resulted in long term thoughts and pain started in 4th grade. A girl made it clear she was interested in me during a school game and for now all I recall is that I froze up and could not respond to her. A friend pulled me aside to offer a child’s advice, but it didn’t help. Given I had had other instances of severe anxiety induced by a fear of missing out, it’s not surprising it stuck. But it is blatant how often that repeated itself. People would try to socialize with me on bus rides and I would have none of it. When my guy friends would be attempting to flirt with girls I would make a fool of myself and ruin the sense of secrecy that they were trying to convey. In addition, I would be too friendly around my friends girlfriends. Developing inside jokes about my friends with the girls. Both instances made me an outsider in most intimacy discussions at that stage.
You get the point. Awkward, painfully shy, obnoxiously self centered and not willing to play by the rules, ignoring the fact that the rules were unknown. So to spice that ignorance up: I started to look at photos of naked women on workplace supplied computers where my mother taught. Obviously as any kid would, I had found other mechanisms using catalogs and yearbooks, but that was my first excursion into acting a way that could harm others. I was a loner and loser so making use of my sisters old barbies and dressed them up in “revealing” versions of their clothing to replicate the images I found online when I couldn’t be online was not irrational at the time. Of course I then used my small savings to purchase a PSP knowing it had internet capabilities and from them on only used my mother’s laptop when I needed escalation. Around this time I developed fantasies in my head of dying and the people at school being sad for that happening.
Escalation is the natural entropy of a young guy and trading sleep for more sexual release was a natural tradeoff in my life. I did learn some interesting skills around this time with respect to learning how to down videos and photos and spent hours solving problems that were not even solvable at the time. I was able to skate by school with lucky amount of intelligence and memory that worked in my favor to passing classes that I spent no time on understanding. I would always wait until I was completely satiated to start work, and working by flashlight. This time was heavy with categorizing photos in various structures which was a weird hobby I also had growing up with toys. I inevitably evolved into reading erotic text stories that I found and would spend hours reading trading in my previous passion for reading in general. A concern with the written language that I didn’t realize then, but the imagination with words can be much more elaborate and subversive in daily situations for me. I would catch myself daydreaming at school about the written stories, while I previously had only thought of the photos I had seen online.
Avoiding social situations began at this time. I would go to family reunions or hang out with friends and be distinctly bored by the whole interaction. Wanting to go and do what I would normally do alone and not be able to do so. I would dehydrate myself and choose fantasy over engaging with friends while on trips with them. It started my habit of masturbating in the company of others, but attempting to do so without being noticed became a recurring hobby through college. An inability to have close friendships developed and I would move into different circles in school, with struggles, to begin associating with “smarter” children. This led to a detachment from previous friendships and an evolution to becoming someone who held birthday parties people would rarely attend and at one time, only 1 person did so. My habit of avoiding social situations began by avoiding the 8th grade dance. A girl did comment on it, but I let it just leave my mind as a lie at the time. I then attended a an 8th grade graduation, but shit my pants and stayed at the party while trying to clean up intermittently. I am very confident that I did not pull that off and I never really saw those people again.
Over the next couple years, I would do poorly on class work that required effort rather than just smarts and I started the process of no longer practicing musical instruments. My trumpet was first as I felt that I would impede my TV time and my parents would not appreciate me playing it when they got home. This was also the time my sister and I started to interact as my parents: we would have huge fights and then go watch TV in separate rooms all day. I also started to develop performance anxiety and could never play solos in front of large crowds.
Up until this point, I had been stealing all of my internet connection from our neighbors growing up. But around middle of high school we ended up getting internet. I used some past research to download tools and convert videos and images into more portable formats and continued to expand the amount of photos and videos I saw. I would also start reading not just violent, but kidnap and torture focused stories as well as full on death/murder and found stories with women of questionable ages along with beginning to fund a lot of fascination with Dexter and Criminal Minds.
High school gave me more opportunities to both engage socially and then avoid social interaction. Numerous people would try to talk to me, but feeling myself a mixture of unworthy and unlike them inspired a lack of work towards becoming social. High school girls gave me the nickname “failure” at some point due to my performance anxiety. While I went to one homecoming, I avoided the rest and only socialized during school sponsored activities and a few times hung out with friends. A girl talked to me on the bus and I just ranted about something until she no longer wished to talk to me. She also reached out to me at one point and asked if I believed a human brain could think itself into a sickness. To which I chose not to respond besides stating that if it was true, then the opposite had to be also true. Women would openly express a desire to be friends and spend time with me, and I would either pretend not to notice or shut it down if I did not like them sexually.
One person had the determination to make something happen with me instead of just hanging out as part of a friend group. She directly asked me why I hugged another girl and not her and started to hug me. I would respond with asking her to hang out while we avoided doing work in band and even hugging her in front of other people when she “accidentally” put herself close to me. She then put her shaved legs on mine on a bus ride and also cuddled on another. Both times I either was too concerned with stomach issues causing me to relive the anxiety of childhood stomach issues. She helped escalate our interactions, but the anxiety and jealousy of her other male friends and other facts of her social abilities ultimately led me to finding yet more solace in porn as I ran away from her.
This was not an isolated incident in my fantasies/memories. One girl “accidentally” sat on my arm which was resting on the table while she read something on a wall. I could have asked her to move or shift or say something and instead I just sat still and acted indifferent. Someone even called me out while playing poker (at which I easily lost) and told me that I only played with a good hand. Another time I did the same thing I did in 4th grade and avoided attempting to spend time with someone in fear that she would cut my balls off and I stuck to that viewpoint given many opportunities to modify my actions
I would decide to double down on written stories about women of uncertain age involved in asphyxia scenarios, torture and electric shock scenarios, as well as death. I would not find this much of an opportunity to change myself until college, and instead I existed in a state of boredom and uncertainty. Unsure of what I was feeling and unwilling to feel it. I did have a reputation for going to friends houses to play video games and playing cheaply without building up any other skills. Admittedly I did not spend time practicing so they had validity to that statement. At the end of high school the only time I took to drink was with my mother when she allowed me to share a sherry my sister had actually received for her graduation. Even then though, I would drink to get drunk. I explicitly recall my mother having to tell me to stop and not keep drinking.
Social anxiety and alcohol at college gave me the opportunity to act with freedom from my past isolation. But the missed opportunities kept occurring. On targeted me within a group of random people I helped coordinate and I went after her, a first time for me. We hung out, but when I decided to act on it, she would push back often and didn’t seem to notice that she did get me off, and then did again but made it clear it was not something she enjoyed. Ended up ghosting her just because I couldn’t stay interested in her physically or mentally. Danced with others at a party, but could only do so when blacked out. Otherwise I would never talk to anyone and would only be creepy, by trying to dance with people without talking and touching them without asking.
During this time, my drinking escalated to the point where I worked during the week to drink. In addition, I would take any opportunity on offer to smoke and drink any day of the week and took pride in surviving as well as I did while doing so. Though my grades did begin to drop, my weekly blackouts were not seen by me to be a major concern. I would take liberties in vomiting and forcing people to take care of me on regular occasions following significant binges. Once locking myself out of my dorm, and even more often requiring a clean up process the next day.
This did modify as I went into my second year in college. I would explicitly try to avoid socializing as often, but another issue started where I would begin to budget my efforts and binge more dramatically and had to be taken care of by my new roommates that were not my friends. A key instance was when I was drinking with people after a tough week and while I walked myself home (which I did so often in blackout situations) I ended up waking up a block from my dorm with paramedics taking care of me. I managed to talk them into letting me go home, but this was my first instance of losing all logic after drinking and I was lucky not to get fined as I had messed up an establishment outside of my room.
Porn increased this year as socializing decreased, and I quickly escalated through my previous porn elements and realized I was better off with written material as the videos were not fulfilling what I sought (it was also quieter in the company of others). My search terms went to a much more extreme level and I would spend hours reading and fantasizing while avoid social situations. I also would fantasize while hungover, and with my roommate present. I began to use these processes to get myself to both wakeup and sleep, especially after my times drinking. I would blend visual, written, and moving representations of all the activities that I wanted to blend into an event in my world and exist in that state for hours.
Early in third year I must have felt accomplished after an internship and learning that I could handle a tipsy drive. I went hard into one of the first football games of the season, overdosed on alcohol, and ended up at the hospital. I did discharge myself and met up with a school administrator, but again did not consider a stop to my drinking. I again kept focused on reducing these episodes. But I built confidence to then work very hard during the week, but party recklessly. I also had instances where I would mistake rooms in group retreats and made a fool of myself by going into the wrong beds while blackout or require people to care for me while blackout.
My friends decided to set me up with his girlfriends friend and instead of staying cool headed and try to make a friendship at the least, I got drunk to the point that I left the party and walked 2 miles before I was lucky to hitchhike safely. My final year, my drinking stayed roughly the same and while I did go to jail and failed to manage my drinking at all. However, what I did notice is that once graduation happened I felt a lot more bereft of what the next part of life would bring. It felt numb and without hope. My drinking excursions diminished, but they did not ever stop, nor did I think they should. I would come home from work parties and vomit in my room. Drive drunk after some as well. And it didn’t cross my mind that was a problem. Paranoia began after a bad trip, and most other social anxieties again occurred.
At this stage I again lose a bit of the timeline and I know what I would do for porn would amount to edging for hours without letting myself finish. While it had started in school, it came to the primary focus after school. It would allow me to spend hours on my own and get work done, but also manage my emotions during that time. I began to start to use dating apps, but was predictably unsuccessfully. Certain “lucky” situations occurred, which were recreations of high school, but more obviously sexual. One grad reunion night, I went home after a party and must have believed I was home so I stripped naked to sleep cooler and avoid night terrors. A friend came down and she told me that she was hungry. Instead of being able to think through what she meant, I grabbed my phone and in a black out tried to order her some food. Another woman I met online did relate to me by being online a lot, but I freaked out when she discussed shock therapy for depression and I could never touch her. I did nothing as she had previously made it clear she had been sexually assaulted at parties.
I did end up spending time in a friends town that I went to college with, but when the night got later, we both just got blackout. I groped, but did not progress past when I stopped hearing her moaning, but it was concerning to me, that I do recall it even though it was such a foggy night in general. I do recall that later that night I mistook a closet for a bathroom and had to clean that up in the middle of the night. Similar bathroom problems also occurred while staying with other friends later that year.
Drinking and being confused kept happening and I would end up in my previous apartments trying to reason with the new residents about where I was supposed to be. I also returned to old AirBNBs and would attempt to break in while blackout. While at festivals and with friends I would choose to take certain days off, but I also began to experience some serious digestive concerns as well while eating and drinking too aggressively. I had a habit of vomiting in hotel rooms or in airbnbs with the frequency of my college days. Experiments of drinking and taking edibles alone just to relax by myself became commonplace. This was enjoyable, but became an emotional roller coaster and I ended up texting people from work multiple times during these situations. Socially I would get kicked out of restaurants because I could not hold myself together or lose my ID and phone while out with people. The expenses, time, worry, I had in recovering my phone/wallet/ID was life changing and helped me again try to cut back. Unsuccessfully.
At this time I had developed a significant habit of masturbating to a concoction of multiple different forms of porn and regularly switching between then over multiple sessions and in a single one to keep my mind from becoming stalled. ASMR porn paired it with Porn Music videos which used rave and epileptic level flashes in scenery to up and relax my sexual stimulation. I did notice that I would come home from work and use the PMV for an upper and the ASMR videos as a downer just before bed. This would help me relax and not worry about the next day. I had scenarios where I would being reading the stories that I had found on work trips and trips to see friends and would plan to read them on the plane. I would read them on trains places (as they are more separated from each other). I also made it possible to listen to these stories while I was driving and would drive home on long road trips where I would be masturbating myself while driving, but doing so in a manner that would only be edging so that I would avoid the consequences of something more serious.
Around this time I met a series of coworkers that I tried to do initiate with and I let them into my head They helped shape my understanding of trust in friends. We played tennis, went on hikes, and went skiing. They ultimately invited me to their apartment twice, I invited them to mine once, and they flaked on me once. They would make references to their “pet names” boyfriends had and were calling them, and other emotional bids. When I recall telling them about listening to ASMR, I do recall my other coworkers “coincidentally” bringing it up the next day. Hours on the phone and at dinners with just talking about life in general and solving problems for work well into the night as well as sharing book recommendations. They argued with me and talked to me about work in ways I only now realized they had little care for. They let their guard down near me at work, not harassing, but letting clothing slip and stating things with sexual connotations I have heard and decided to do nothing about. Sky diving, a concert (where I lost my mind and grinded on one of them the entire time and lost my ability to tell directions or do anything), and other work trips and even sleep in the same bed as I did made a significant impact on my view of women in the world and how they viewed me.
I then met a friends sister (same friend as from college who set me up a lot) and she asked me out while we were on an ecstasy trip. I felt a relief like being back in high school and immediately unloaded about the 3 work friends. She would listen and seemingly understand what I was going through, but she kept at it and she and I would call once a week. Our interactions awakened a feeling of paranoia in my mind. My mother would vent on her marriage to her friends, which were mutual to my dad. Ultimately I felt a fear that if I messed up, my actions would reverberate through my friend group and ruin what little reputation I had. At this point she pointed out she only saw me as a friend. We spent time on a vacation and I didn’t initiate fearing I still didn’t understand what was happening. However, I got fed up when she visited DC for some friends and took a risk to make a move on her, that I could barely understand myself. We had sex, but about halfway through I do recall my roommate coming back and immediately having paranoia about bothering his night. So while I tried to keep going, I lost my erection. We did wake up the next day and I wanted to engage her, but I recall being very rough and ashamed for being so. Later in her home town the next month I went to a party with her and her work friends and I do not recall much besides getting drunk. Hearing her that night saying she didn’t want to have sex, and then taking that to mean she had to be explicit with me the entire rest of the trip for me to be allowed to initiate again. She never was and I remember just watching her sleep without doing anything. We ultimately had our last discussion before she left about how she wanted to just have fun and how I was not seeing what the point of fun was.
After this year, I ended up not only facing consequences by drinking, lusting, and smoking. This fell apart after I began to move away from the people that I worked well with even though I felt that my life was starting to change. I drove drunk and got into difficulties while driving and texting with a coworker I was interested in. This along with the breakup of the work team, and a fight with one of the coworkers led me into a spiral that culminated in a multiple instances of driving drunk and then blacking out and losing my phone, wallet, and laptop. I identified and took action on staying sober at this point, though I cannot recall the exact reason for joining the support group I did. I did keep smoking for a few months, but I was a regular dick in any social situation and otherwise I would just collapse in my head and not talk to anyone depending on the level of the high.
About 3 months into sobriety I realized that porn was either just as bad or worse than the drinking. Namely the days I would lose to hangovers would become ever more lost due to the weekends spent masturbating. I had also started to use anonymous browsers and started making accounts for online forums to view the content. I did start interacting with people as well, but it was largely as a means to streamline and encourage more content rather than actively trying to provide my own. This also became a period of time during which I realized how much masturbation would help me sleep as my two weeks of avoiding it resulted in poor sleep and restless mornings. I lasted about two weeks without porn once. But I would start to travel and land myself in situations where I would spend entire nights on my own in different cities instead of with people in the support groups, with friends, or more importantly just resting.
I did end up meeting two other women online, and I enjoyed one’s company (though she did admit to scamming from an online marketplace). She ultimately took the lead in getting me into her room on our second date, but seemed to know the entire time that she could do that and that I wouldn’t have the ability to lead her there myself. She tried to have sex, but I was still not happy with my last performance, so I settled for lesser options and didn’t meet her view on it as a one night stand maturely for a while. I made a female friend in one of my groups and when speaking with her one on one, she openly told me about her skills at oral, but that she didn’t like to talk about it. I decided to mock her for how she changed her moods and said terrible things to her via text, to which she has since stopped talking to me. This repeated itself with a friend from college. I would repeatedly talk down about myself and question her decision making for her past experiences she was describing to me. In both cases I was actively trying to avoid intimacy in order to just get to sex if possible.
On a trip with the red cross I ended up meeting a woman also volunteering but on a different shift. I didn’t have the guts to exchange numbers immediately and another volunteer was kind enough to initiate that for me. Effectively we did chat, but I decided I had no chance at some point and while I believe she was trying, I stopped. Attended a wedding where I could have at least tried to talk to one of the bridesmaids. I made a fear based decision not to do so. Then I drank I glass of champagne and started to follow whiskey around the party and decided to bail out of the situation.
For about another year, I would keep this process going of intermittently watching or reading porn and my interests began to shift to harder mainstream avenues (along with the industry in general) but I would also find myself reading and listening to interviews of the actresses and sometimes other performers and began to feel drawn to them as people and less of an urge to partake in watching their actions. Rather I wanted to start getting involved in the actions myself. I was then unable to stop for many circumstances and while I would work to avoid cannibalism and death porn, I would make slips into that and PMV and hardcore aspects. In affect, I would go to meetings to work to remove this urge and know that I had just come from watching porn and that I would go right back to it.
My perspective alternates now between viewpoints that are summarized by the below:
At this point, I cannot keep sexual imagery out of my head when interacting with women and repeatedly get frustrated by not being able to talk to them long enough to at least discuss that topic. I have tried to engage in erotic writing, but fail to put in the real time/effort to make that a reality. I have lost long term determination to create and develop an artistic skill. I repeatedly binge and purge with respect to physical fitness, socializing, adrenaline, and entertainment now and it is a daily struggle not to just watch porn. There is a good chance that when I read this I may have already slipped that day.
I get that it takes time to learn these things, but it’s a daily struggle at the moment to confirm I want to. I did see people at gyms try to speak with me and avoided them and I know that as time goes on I sense that I will want less and less to do with women. Due to sheer frustration. I understand I have to keep trying and persevere, but there’s a time to reflect on whether I am not following my path.
But every day, I feel a sense of hope that I can overcome small elements of these social and emotional fears that I have been working for years to avoid. Whether it happens is unknown. But I hope that my time working on this will give others hope that there will be a chance to overcome theirs in time. Most importantly of all is the belief that all of the women and men that have played unnecessarily dedicated roles in helping me see where I currently am can also exist for others as long as people are willing to put aside their normal social norms and find those that are hiding behind their fears. If you have made it this far, you probably are someone who is capable of doing just that. So do not give up and only pick 1 or 2 favorites to improve the days of. Fight to be a beacon of hope for all who are suffering, whether they demonstrate they deserve it or not.
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2020.11.28 10:24 Mccool37 Is this a complete list of components if I wanted to complete a collection of Nemesis

I bought the base game at my LGS recently and want to complete the collection for the game. I'm sure my FOMO is going to cost me but I want to try and get everything gameplay related (that is, I don't really care about something like the Sundrop painted mini's for example). The problems I'm having are that:
  1. Being a Kickstarter game, it's hard to figure out what Stretch goals are where
For example, I got some of the stretch goals like the Mechanic, didn't get some like the hourglass and think I got others like the alternate ship layout (there is one on the back of the ship but neither side looks like the one shown so I'm not sure if there was a major change made during development or I got something different)
  1. It looks like there have been a fair few changes made since the campaign
I don't know if it's the print I have or these changes were made with the initial release but certain things like card backs are fairly different from what is shown and what I have
  1. There are some oddities on BGG and I don't know if that list is 100% complete anyway
The main issue is that it lists Aftermath 3 different times (1, 2, 3) in 3 different ways and the one where it's alone is shown with a release date of 2021 while the others have a 2019 release (maybe it has to do with the Lockdown Kickstarter?) and again, I'm not certain it's a complete list
  1. I don't know what does and doesn't come in the games I don't have yet (such as Aftermath or Voidseeders)
Any help getting this sorted would be very much appreciated. At the very least I want to know what I can't get for whatever reason so anything helps. If I have a complete list, I can figure out what I need/want. Here's what I do know so far:
Main expansions:
Stretch goals (main Kickstarter) (italics means they were included, bold means they were not, see notes for everything else)
Expansion stretch goals and other gameplay stuff
I know this is a lot but any help in making sure this is accurate/complete would be greatly appreciated
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2020.11.28 09:00 dspeyer EA Forum Digest 28 Nov 2020

Theory Of Change As A Hypothesis: Choosing A High-Impact Path When You’re Uncertain

This post appeared first on the EA Coaching blog.
Some life paths are well mapped out. If you want to be a doctor, there is a straightforward path through undergrad, med school, and residency (at least in the US). These goals may require a lot of work, but it’s relatively easy to figure out what your next step is.
However, many cause areas that effective altruists focus on don’t have clear paths to success. You need to figure out what to do for yourself if you’re doing global priorities research, or working on pandemic preparedness, or founding a new charity. Similarly, if you don’t yet know what you want to work on, you have to figure out what on earth you’re going to do (or off earth, if that’s your jam).
20 more paragraphs...

EA Updates for December 2020

Upcoming Virtual Events Meta Grants Global Development Animal Welfare Existential ** **& ** Catastrophic Risks** Environment Long Term Future Emerging Technology Other Links Good News

Updates from the Centre for Enabling EA Learning & Research

After a long process, we are finally registered as a charity as of 3rd June. We are charity number 1189768 in England & Wales. Donations made from 6th December 2019 onward by UK taxpayers are eligible for Gift Aid. It may be possible that we can backdate Gift Aid for donations previous to this; this is something we are looking into. If you have made donations to us that you would like us to claim Gift Aid on, please let us know.
We ran job adverts for Operations Manager and Community & Projects Manager in August. Unfortunately we didn’t receive the level of interest we hoped for! If you considered applying, but didn’t end up doing so, please let us know what would’ve tipped the balance in favour of applying for you. Perhaps it’s the pandemic? Which brings us to...
16 more paragraphs...
Charity Registration Hiring Open to new applicants Outputs Fundraising A resident describes life at CEEALAR this year

CEEALAR Fundraiser 9: Concrete outputs after 29 months

We have compiled a list of concrete outputs that CEEALAR residents have produced during their stays.
As before, we note that interpreting this list comes with some caveats:
An up-to-date, live version of the list of outputs can be found at
Money: So far ~£172,000* has been spent on hosting our residents, of which ~£25,000 was contributed by residents [provisional figures].
Time: ~11,800 person-days spent at CEEALAR.
Summary of concrete outputs, since CEEALAR’s inception in May 2018
41 more paragraphs...
AI Safety related X-Risks related Rationality ** **& ** Community Building related** Global Health ** **& ** Development related** Animal Welfare related Events made possible by CEEALAR Testimonials from Grantees

Taking Self-Determination Seriously

Self-determination is the principle of international law that a people should be able to choose their political status for themselves. In practice, it has generally been extremely vague and under-recognized. The main problem is that self-determination conflicts with the ideas of territorial integrity and sovereignty. If a small region of a country wants to secede, but the national government does not recognize it, what then? It seems that most people, whether elites or the general public, see this kind of thing as a tough, thorny issue where distant observers don't really have a basis for taking a side. This means that the status quo of strict territorial integrity is widely enforced in practice, and attempts at self-determination rarely get international recognition.
9 more paragraphs...

Please take my survey!

EA Politics survey - Google Forms
I am running this survey to inform the content of my website, which is the successor to the Candidate Scoring System reports you may have seen, where I analyze political issues from an EA perspective. This survey has three main purposes:
It requires Google sign in (to limit to 1 response per person) but I am not collecting email addresses.
I will share the results later.

Lotteries for everything?

From time to time, I come across the idea of using lotteries for all kinds of purposes, because they are an easy way to avoid bias. It seems that often the skills to get into a position are not the same as the skills needed to do well in that position and humans are bad at noticing this difference. For example, political campaigning probably needs very different skills than holding a political office (populist parties come to mind). In addition, it can easily increase diversity, as random chance cannot discriminate against people. Cases where lotteries seem to work well include:
1 more paragraphs...

What are you grateful for?

We often have high standards in Effective Altruism. This seems absolutely right: our work matters, so we must constantly strive to do better.
But I also think we should spend time appreciating the hard work and creativity of people in this community, and the progress we're making.
Who or what are you grateful for?
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2020.11.28 05:31 busiplanmentor Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme for Micro and Small Enterprises

Of all the troubles faced by MSEs, the unavailability of timely and sufficient credit at a reasonable interest rate is one of the most important. One of the main causes of the scarce availability of bank financing for this sector is the high risk perception of banks in lending to MSEs and the consequent insistence on collateral that is not readily available with these companies. The problem is more serious for micro-enterprises applying for small loans and for first-generation entrepreneurs.
· The Micro and Small Business Credit Guarantee Fund (CGS) scheme was launched by the Government of India (GoI) to make unsecured credit available to the micro and small business sector. Mutually existing and new businesses can be covered by the scheme. The Ministry of Small, Micro and Medium Enterprises, GoI and Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI), has recognized a Trust called Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro and Small Business (CGTMSE) to perform the Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme for Micro and Small Enterprises. The scheme was officially launched on August 30, 2000. The CGTMSE corpus was provided by the GoI and SIDBI in the ratio of 4: 1 respectively and contributed Rs. 2477.78 crore to the Trust corpus until 31 May 2016. As announced in the MSE Package, the corpus was to be raised to Rs. 2500 crore by the end of the 11th floor.
· Eligible Lending Institutions the Banks / Financial Institutions, which can benefit from the scheme, are programmed commercial banks (Public sector banks / Private sector banks / Foreign banks) and selected rural banks (which have been classified in the 'Sustainable' category by NABARD). Till May 31, 2016, there were 133 eligible credit institutions registered as MLI of the Trust, including 26 public sector banks, 21 private sector banks, 73 regional rural banks (RRBs), 4 overseas banks and 9 other institutions, for example Delhi Financial Corporation, Kerala Financial Corporation, Jammu & Kashmir Development Finance Corporation Ltd, Andhra Pradesh State Financial Corporation, Bank such as Export and Import Bank of India and SIDBI.
· Eligible credit facility the credit lines that can be covered by the scheme are both term loans and / or working capital line up to Rs. hundred lakh per borrower unit, extended without any collateral and / or third-party guarantee, to a new or existing micro and small businesses. For units covered by the guarantee scheme, which may become ill due to factors beyond management's control, rehabilitation assistance extended by the provider may also be covered by the guarantee scheme. Any credit line for which risks are further covered by a program, managed by the government or other agencies, will not be eligible for coverage under the program. Warranty coverage The coverage of the guarantee available under the scheme is up to a maximum of 85% of the sanctioned amount of the credit line. The coverage of the guarantee given is up to 75% of the credit line up to Rs.50 lakh (85% for loans up to Rs.5 lakh provided to micro-enterprises, 80% for MSE owned / managed by women and all loans to NER including Sikkim) with a uniform 50% guarantee for the full amount if the credit exposure is greater than Rs.50 lakh and up to Rs.100 lakh. In the event of default, the Trust terminates the credit up to 75% (or 85% / 80% / 50% where applicable) of the defaulted amount of the credit line extended by the credit institution. To this end, the defaulting amount is calculated as the principal amount outstanding in the borrower's account, in relation to the term loan, and the amount of outstanding working capital lines, including interest, at the date the account is transformed the impaired business (NPA). Duration of the guarantee the guarantee coverage under the scheme covers the agreed term of the term / composite loan. In the case of working capital, the coverage of the guarantee is 5 years or block of 5 years. Guarantee fee A composite total annual guarantee fee of 1.0% per annum. Of the sanctioned credit line (0.75% for the credit line up to Rs. Five lakh and 0.85% for over Rs. Five lakh and up to hundred lakhs for women, micro-enterprises and units in the NER including Sikkim) is now being charged. Scheme awareness programs The CGTMSE has adopted a multi-channel approach to raise awareness among banks, MSE sector associations, the MSE sector, etc. Through the press and the press, conducting workshops / seminars, participating in programs organized in various district / state / national forums, etc.
· During the year CGTMSE participated in several seminars / workshops organized by MLI and sector associations, exhibitions and meetings organized by RBI / Govt. in connection with the MSE industry, across the country to create awareness of CGS. CGTMSE officials also held business development meetings with its member credit institutions.
· Sustained press campaigns were conducted across the country throughout the year to improve visibility and create awareness of the program. Campaigns to disseminate information among the various stakeholders were vigorously conducted.
· During the 2016 financial year, CGTMSE participated in 21 seminars / workshops / banker meetings / business development meetings and also gave presentations to raise awareness of bank officials / small businesses on various aspects of the credit guarantee system. The workshops / programs were generally organized by member banks / SIDBI / CGTMSE / sector associations, etc.
CONTACT: Unit No.450, Mastermind One - IT Park, Royal Palms, Aarey Colony, Goregaon(E), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400065Ph:+91 8097027355, +91 9137256150, +91 9222086563 or visit
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2020.11.28 03:31 alrabi88 TTC vs. dating

Does TTC give anyone else feelings of deja vu from dating?
The one thing that has most prepared me for the wild emotional ride of TTC in my 30s is having spent my 20s single but wanting to be married. With most things in life, more effort = higher likelihood of success, right? The harder I work to find new clients for my business, the faster I grow my business. The harder I push myself at the gym, the stronger and fitter I become.
But with TTC, much like dating, there is only so much you can do before you max out your likelihood of success, and you start to sabotage yourself with overthinking and stress and comparisons. It reminds me so much of the last epically frustrating wait, and talking to my single friends makes me remember why:
Stages of TTC Stages of Dating
Preparation: Obsessively pees on sticks 2x/day, repeatedly searches "O-1 vs O-2 chances" Stalks date online, reads into insignificant details.
Execution: Goes all in for cycle by timing sex perfectly, eats perfectly, exercises perfectly, etc Spends vast amounts of time selecting and changing outfits, makes enormous effort to be charming and enthusiastic yet casual and not too eager.
Waiting: Symptom spots, calculates due date, plans reveal to husband. Can't focus on work. Dissects date in detail with friends, updates Pinterest wedding board while waiting for call/text or response to your call/text. Can't focus on work.
Shock: Period comes early again, devastated. Hard to believe it didn't work this time. Perfect effort not good enough. Date ghosts you, turns down second date, didn't feel the same chemistry.
Denial: Googles "10dpo brown/pink spotting then BPO" and reads same 8 forum threads as last month. They must be intimidated. Too busy with work. Will definitely call back when they figure themselves out.
Resignation: Nothing can and will ever work. Alternates between reading childfree posts and adoption posts. Nothing can and will ever work. Deletes dating apps again, declares futility of modern dating.
Resurgence: Rediscovers small shreds of hopes. Friend's sister's cousin had success with XYZ treatment you haven't tried. Gets OPKs ready for next O-window, returns to making lists of baby names. Rediscovers small shreds of hopes. Friend's sister's cousin just found partner on app and they're perfect together. Re-downloads dating apps, sets up next date, adds a few entries to Pinterest wedding board.
I figured there's someone out there who can relate! <3
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2020.11.27 23:43 musafir404 Finished my first django website!

Hey guys,
3 months ago I started learning Django through documentation and YouTube tutorials. After starting to work on a website 2 months ago, I finally finished it (with some polishing remaining).
The purpose of this website is to get people who have applied for different immigration applications to enter their dates/timelines. Some applications take up to 2 years, so people can compare their progress with others with similar timelines.
Please check it out and let me know what you guys think!
Thanks everyone for your kind words and suggestions!
The site is functional. I posted the link in some related forums, but I am having trouble to get new users. Any ideas? Does it not look trustworthy?
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2020.11.27 23:18 GraefinVonHohenembs Bisexual? Heteroromantic? Something else? Or am I just weird? (Long Read, sorry!)

Hi, all!
To start things off, I, of course, know that no one can confirm or tell me what my sexuality is, but after watching video upon video and reading article upon article about bisexuality (and even some on lesbianism), I have never had any of them really jump out at me making me think, "Wow! That is sooo me!", which has led me here; making me hope that I can try to give as brief of a description as possible of my experiences to see if there are some people who can relate and perhaps give me advice about what else I could look into or what I might possibly be. So, here we go...
Firstly, I'm a 34 year old cis female. I had my first boyfriend when I was 15 and have only dated cis men ever since. I never recall ever going through a "boys have cooties" stage when I was a kid, but I do remember having little crushes on boys starting quite early on in elementary school. My best and closest friends have almost always only been guys , though I can say that during the different stages of my life I have usually had a different best female friend as well, but again, pretty much always guys.
The first time as a very young kid that I can ever remember seeing someone and having my jaw drop and get those first tingly feelings in the nether regions though, was when I saw Mila Jovovich in Return to the Blue Lagoon. The first time as a kid that I ever got those tingly feelings so stong that I explored myself for the first time was after coming across a movie on TV and saw a fully topless woman for the first time. Yeah, there was a guy involved in the scene, but who was paying attention to him, right? I was super young when these things happened and had no idea that same-sex attraction or relationships existed, so my pre-pubescent brain didn't think much of this. Of course, there were also male actors and musicionst hat I also found hot and attractive and had offical crushes on (like hanging their posters up in my bedroom and stuff), but I would say that I have always been more sexually stimulated by women visually. Which is something that I have recently realized, that I have subconsciously tried to ignore, by constantly changing the channel or making an effort to look away as soon as possible when I see an attractive woman on TV or in real life, etc. If I don't change the channel or click away fast enough and I look too long (whatever that is), I usally feel a bit guilty for a little bit afterwards; like, I shouldn't have done that/felt that way while watching that.
That all being said, looking back, I could probably say that I've had crushes on female celebrities throughout my life, though never having used that word to describe my attraction, but never, as far as I know, on any women in real life. (Any girls that I have ever found super attractive in realy life, well, I've always kind of made the effort to stay away from them.) In a lot of videos and articles I have been reading about bisexual women or lesbians, it is often mentioned that without realizing it, girls with same sex attractions may have gotten a bit closer than what might be though of as normal with their friends growing up; like being a bit more touchy-feely with them a bit more than usual or kind of flirting without realizing it. Like I mentioned before, I've never really had a lot of really close female friends, but whenever I would be or am around any, I always do my best to never ever get too close to them or touch them at all. It's like my body makes a conscious effort to stay away for fear of people thinking I could be homosexual or something. Even when I was a kid, I was around 12, we went on a school trip to Washington D.C. and I was in a hotel room with two large bed and three of my female friends, one of them being my best friend at the time. I don't know why, but I was so headstrong on not sharing a bed with her that I tried to sleep in the bathtub until it was so uncomfortable that I gave in and went to sleep in the same bed as her, but on the edge as far away from her as possible in case we might accidentally touch. I have also left a lot of personal space between me and my male friends, but accidentally touching them and what not would never make me jump back as much or feel uncomfortable.
In high school, I did kiss a girl, but it wasn't the normal type of romantic first kiss you would have with someone. She was a bi friend of mine. I had gotten everyone in our little group of friends really unique Xmas gifts, but could not think of what to get her. She kind of had a little crush on me and, because I am such an awesome friend and couldn't find her a good present, I told her that her gift could be one kiss from me, if she really wanted it. I wasn't attracted to her at all, but I just wanted to be nice. So yeah, we did it. She even tried to feel me up a bit when we did it, but it was probably the worst kiss I've ever had. I don't think it was necessarily because she was a girl, but because she was just a really bad kisser. I tried to give my all, but I couldn't work my magic, because her technique was just so different, you know? :P So, unfortunately, my only kiss with another woman has been that. Or could it have been because she was a girl? I realyl don't think so, but I don't know...
In college I was pretty deep in the local goth scene, where you can find every type of sexuality and relationship out there. I had a lot of lesbians and bi men and women in my group of friends. With my lesbian and bi female friends, I would never be as uptight about accidentally touching as I can be around straight (as far as I know) female friends. I could even openly, but harmlessly, flirt with them sometimes and felt really comfortable with them. (Also, as life goes on, it keeps becomeing clearer that mostly all of my closest female friends in life have come out as mostly lesbian, but also bisexual, which I find rather interesting.)
As I said before, I've always only dated cis men, but there have been a few times in my life, especially towards the obvious end of a relationship when your mind tends to start wandering and wondering what it might be like to be back in the dating world, that I have found myself googling bisexual or lesbian forums, groups, etc. One time, I was in an lgbt+ group on a website and ended up chatting with a couple of girls who ended up being from city, who then offered to accompany me to a lesbian bar to test the waters if I wanted. I freaked out and left the group. Now I actually really wish that I would have done it. Needless to say, any time this bicuriosity has snuck up on me in the past, after a while, I just think that I'm being weird, ignore it, and move on with my life as if that curiosity had never existed.
I don't know why this curiosity and confusion has come up again in the past few weeks, but it is driving me crazy. I guess that I have finally admitted to myself that I am definitely sexually attracted to women, probably even more than to men, but I don't know if I would be able to be romantically attracted to a woman. Looking back, I can't tell if I might have been, but somehow wanted to suppress it and never let a true crush or all around attraction happen or if it's only because I might be bisexual but heteroromantic? Would I want to kiss a woman again? Honestly, yeah, to see if that one kiss I did have back in high school was really just so bad because of the partner or if really was because it was with a girl. Could I / Would I want to go all the way with a woman? I had never really thought about that in detail until the past few weeks, and, honestly, I'm not 100% sure. I think yes, but then I think probably not... but maybe yes? No way! Or...? You know what I mean? I'm so confused!!
So, here I am now, in a monogomous heteronormative relationship with a really sweet and wonderful guy who treats me better than you could possibly imagine. Due to that, at the moment, I can't imagine being able to go and try to finally figure my sexuality out because of this relationhip (I am not an open relationship type of person at all!). Even if I were single, lockdown seems to be never ending anyways. I think that the reason that my mind is wandering and I am questioning again now is, not because the relationship in necessarily on its last leg, but because, honestly, though I love my boyfriend, I don't have that much of a physical attraction towards him like I have had with boyfriends in the past. And, because of that, if this "bi-cycle" that I have been reading about is true and I am indeed bisexual, perhaps that stressful bit of the relationship has brought on these questions again.
Ok, I apologize for having written so very much, but this is the first time I have ever spoken about this to anyone in my entire life and I am desperate to know if anyone has had similar experiences or can somehow explain my strange relationship with other women my whole life. I've read and heard a lot that even hetero women can apparently get turned on my other women somehow, so, am I just that? Or am I truly bisexual? Or perhaps bisexual and heteroromantic?
For anyone who has made it to the end. Thanks so much! You're the best!
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2020.11.27 22:42 JadedSubie "HDMI not detected" - a possible fix for when you've tried everything (CV1)

Hey guys, I need to get the word out on this to anyone who has tried everything they can find for the HDMI not detected error and is now stuck staring at an awesome VR headset they can't use.
My CV1 Oculus Rift suddenly stopped working after about a year of owning it due to this error. I went through everything I could find online, contacted Oculus support a bunch of times, reinstalled all the drivers and software repeatedly and have never found the true reason for this issue. My GPU is a GTX 1070 and CPU is an i5-6600k, it seems like it may be related to the GPU because I saw it posted on forums a few times from other 1070 owners.
It's not a perfect fix, but if you are completely out of ideas, try performing a clean install of your graphics driver through Nvidia GeForce. Open GeForce, click driver, if yours is up to date click the three dots at the top right and reinstall driver. Choose custom installation, then when the next dialog box pops up, check "perform a clean installation" at the bottom. When the installation finishes, open the Oculus app and see if the error is fixed.
Unfortunately this has to be done every time the computer restarts (I believe sleep is okay), but this trick allowed me to start playing VR again after over a year of staring at it frustratedly and wasting countless hours trying to fix the damn thing.
Hope this helps some of you guys. Also Oculus support, you're welcome.
TLDR: If you've tried everything else and still get "HDMI not connected", perform a clean install of your graphics drivers in GeForce and don't restart your computer.
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2020.11.27 19:52 jjay1845327 18X Special Forces Pipeline Explained through SFAS - General Breakdown/Tips/Advice

I’m posting this because I’ve spent countless hours googling and looking at every forum possible to find out more about Special Forces (SF), selection (SFAS), the 18X pipeline, and everything related to Green Berets. I got a lot of helpful information from the internet and by talking with people already in SF that really prepared me for the pipeline. I’m only posting this because I want to be able to pass along this knowledge to others going down this route and hopefully answer questions that I wish I had answered when I was going through.
I am not posting this because I think I’ve made it - I passed SFAS and am now in the Q Course, so I’ve by no way made it. I am not posting this with the intent on helping people cheat the course (people typically call this “G2” or getting “intel” on the course). All of this information for SFAS is generic and people have posted more in other places online, but I’m not going to go into SFAS very much. Everything I’m passing along is already in the public domain.
I hope this information helps people prepare, train, and understand the SF pipeline up to SFAS. I’ll answer all questions in this public forum but probably won’t do individual/private messages.
I’m going to roughly break down my thoughts thematically and chronologically so it isn’t an enormous amount of rambling.
18X/REP63 Contract
All I wanted to do in the Army was go SF so I made that very clear to my recruiter. You have the power in that relationship with the recruiter - they can’t force you to sign a contract that you don’t want so make sure you stand up for yourself. If they say they don’t have any 18X contracts, then wait until they have it or talk to another recruiter in your area. DO NOT RELY ON PICKING IT UP IN OSUT (OSUT is basic training and infantry training combined) - we had zero people pick it up in our OSUT class. If this is what you want, then don’t leave your future up to chance. Be mature and advocate for yourself with your recruiter to get the contract you want and be willing to wait or go somewhere else to get it.
I’m very happy that I went the National Guard (NG) route. Not many people know about this route and always say they wish they did. The 18X/REP63 pipeline is exactly the same until you graduate and go to your SF group - Active Duty (AD) guys will go to their active duty group and NG guys will go back to their state. I ultimately chose the NG route because there was a unit in my home state and it would allow me flexibility when/if I make it to have a piece of civilian life with my SF duties. Nobody likes to think about it, but statistically only ~30% of people make it through SFAS. And that’s not including all the people that get dropped before SFAS from injuries, failed PT tests, stupid mistakes, and life factors that result in not making it through the pipeline. So, by going NG, you have a fall back plan if things don’t go according to plan. Granted that “fall back plan” can become an easy excuse to quit when you’re deep in the suck, so if you’re not committed enough that’s definitely dangerous. I recommend people look into the NG route if you want to go SF - I’m very aware that it’s not for everyone and it definitely has its drawbacks, but it’s important to know all of your options.
Prep Before OSUT
I was in extremely good shape going into OSUT and I lost a lot of that strength throughout OSUT. You’re not getting great sleep or food and the physical training (PT) is meant to get the bottom 10% of the OSUT class to pass the minimum standards. The PT program is not meant to get in shape guys stronger. So you’ll definitely have to do a lot of bodyweight work on your own in the barracks to maintain strength or get stronger. Even though I lost a lot of that strength, I was still glad I physically trained a lot before because I had a higher bar to drop from if that makes sense.
I did a decent amount of rucking before I came to OSUT and I wouldn’t say that’s super necessary. Any rucking progress you make in the months before OSUT will be hard to maintain in OSUT because your rucks are very slow group marches that are way below the speed you’ll need for SF standards. But I’m glad I did because I learned what the different speeds felt like - I knew what a 12:00 / 13:00 / 14:00 / 15:00 ruck generally felt like. But that’s all stuff you’ll learn when you make it to Fort Bragg and can ruck on your own and in the prep course. Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about rucking before OSUT
Basic Training/OSUT
I’m not sure how it’s working now, but infantry OSUT for me was 22 weeks. That’s a very long time and it definitely felt like that, especially because the world changed with COVID about halfway through. I’d say the most important thing is to have a goal/skill you want to work on in OSUT. I knew I was a good leader in sports/my civilian life, but I knew that this leadership environment would be different; a mixture of some highly motivated/capable guys, 18 year olds that joined without fully knowing what they were getting into, and people from all different races, class, education levels, and motivations.
So I told myself I’d use this as an opportunity to practice how to lead a guerilla army - how do you gain respect, understand, teach and lead a diverse group like this? I sought out leadership positions throughout OSUT and tried different techniques to connect with different groups of guys in the platoon. That gave me something to focus on and develop a skill that I knew I’d need further down the line.
There are a lot of other goals you can use. Focusing heavily on improving physical fitness and doing a lot of extra PT on your own or leading group PT in the barracks. If you know you lack discipline, really lean in on making your lockeequipment/uniform/behavior always super disciplined. Things like that will help you get a solid take away from your time in OSUT and not make it feel like a waste of time.
You do morning PT of either track running or calisthenics like pushups/situps and other body weight work. It’s not very challenging if you’re in shape and can get redundant. Then you have breakfast and do your training for the day. If you’re going to the shooting range you’ll spend almost all day there, or you’ll do medical training week, or other random stuff. Land navigation week was pretty good training in OSUT so take that seriously because it’s a good base for the rest of the SF pipeline. I honestly don’t remember most of the training now but it wasn’t very hard. My platoon got more tactical training because we took it upon ourselves to work with our Senior Drill Sergeant to really get a lot out of our field training exercises on ambushes and raids so I actually learned a lot there. The training is what you make of it, but also how much your Drill Sergeants care.
Airborne is your first taste of “freedom” where you have your phone, can choose what you eat in the dining hall (DFAC), and you can do your own PT in the morning (at least we could because of COVID). The school itself isn’t hard, just don’t get hurt. Listen to all the instructions, get a strong exit out of the airplane, and know what to do for malfunctions and when to pull your reserve parachute. I knew some good guys that had bad luck and broke their legs on jumps which really sucks. But that’s a small minority - if you do what they teach and don’t panic you’ll be okay. It was pretty cool the first time, but after that I just focused on not getting hurt. Don’t touch your equipment once you’ve been inspected in the parachute shed or they will recycle you.
Special Forces Prep Course (SFPC)
SFPC, used to be called SOPC, is designed to prepare 18x’s for the physical events and land navigation portion of SFAS. And I’d say it does a good job at that. You do two PT sessions a day and usually have a class in the middle of the day. Classes vary from simple knot tying, blister care, a leadership practice course, one obstacle course, land navigation classes, and other things. The mornings are usually a run varying from 1 mile repeats to a 5 mile run. The afternoon is typically push ups, calisthenics, and ruck based workouts (we didn’t use weights because of COVID so we would do pushes over our head or ruck rows/squats). Then every week on Friday you do a ruck 4M, 6M, 8M, 10M, and the final 12M.
The last week of the course is designed to simulate Gate Week in SFAS; Gate Week is week one of SFAS that has runs and rucks to judge your individual physical capability. So the last week of SFPC is an APFT + 6 pull ups, 5M Run, and 12M ruck - the standards are Army standards, so no secrets exposed here: 240+, 5M in less than 40 minutes, 12M ruck under 3:00 (less than 15:00 pace).
Those minimum scores will not get you selected.
Big things to focus on in SFPC - keep your PT numbers up, stretch a ton, and DO NOT GET HURT. We had a lot of guys get hurt in our SFPC class and that will mess up your pipeline and result in not going to SFAS when you’re supposed to. Push yourself in SFPC, but not to the point that you’ll get injured. If you’ve played sports you’ll know the difference between being hurt and being injured. Going into SFAS injured is an easy way to get dropped because you’ll have very little time to recover while there.
Also, if you can’t climb rope, get some extra reps of that during SFPC. There are plenty of ropes around Bragg you can use. You won’t get much training on that in SFPC so you have to seek it out on your own. You’ll do a mini obstacle course during SFPC which is a confidence booster.
SFAS is broken into three weeks - Gate Week, Land Navigation, and Team Week. I’m not going to give away any information that isn’t already out there, so this is pretty generic.
Gate Week is a week of physical events to see if you can physically withstand the rigors of SFAS and are strong enough to be SF. Events include the APFT+6 pull ups and other physical events. You won’t know the events or standards beforehand, so it’s important to do your best and try to be in the top half or top third of the class.
Land Navigation is a week of practice events and two nights of the graded Star Course. Take the practice events very seriously - you’ll be able to get a good feel for the terrain, what it’s like to go through a draw in day vs. night, narrow down your pace count, and gain confidence.
General Land Nav Tips
Team Week is the differentiating factor in SFAS. It’s the hardest, most challenging thing I’ve ever done and will definitely test you. It’s very important that you just be yourself - you can’t fake who you really are when you’re that exhausted, stressed, hungry, and tired. Lean on your strengths and help in any way possible. I know that’s all super generic but I’m not giving away any of the events or how to do anything because team week is the most important part of SFAS to make sure the rights guys get through. The classic advice you always hear is “Don’t Quit.” Definitely true in team week.
Overall, I have a lot of respect for SFAS. It’s brutal and will challenge you in many different ways. But it’s not impossible. Just avoid making unforced errors - that’s key. Do everything exactly the way they say to do it. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by making avoidable mistakes on very obvious and clearly stated standards.
Other Random Thoughts
The 18X pipeline is very long, so you really need to know that this is what you want. Write out exactly why you want/need to do this. If you can’t put it into words, or it doesn’t go deeper than “I think it’d be really cool” then you’re screwed. You’ll see along the way a lot of guys that aren’t serious about it, signed up on a whim, or aren’t physically/mentally prepared for this job. Those guys will pass along the wayside, so really make sure you make friends with motivated and serious candidates. Have people that will push you and keep you accountable.
30th AG is the inprocessing center for 18X’s going to infantry OSUT at Fort Benning. That place is AWFUL. I can’t imagine how much worse it is with COVID. Don’t lose hope there - and I’m not kidding, I saw a lot of guys just completely lose it there. You will get out of there and move on to OSUT but that place sucks. Keep your eye on the prize, meet some good friends, and just try to keep a somewhat positive attitude. You’ll be kept up all night, standing in the cold, waiting in lines, getting yelled at by drill sergeants, having civilians herd you like sheep through all of your equipment issuing/shots/medical/finance, and other soldiers acting like idiots. I wish someone braced me for what 30th would be like, so let this be your warning. It should only last 10 or so days, but sometimes people can be stuck there longer. Stay strong.
I’d recommend keeping a journal of the pipeline so you can think through your thoughts. There will be a lot of good times and a lot of trying times and putting your thoughts onto paper can be helpful in processing those. And it’ll be cool to look back on at the end.
When you get to Fort Bragg, don’t overdo the drinking/eating out. It’ll be your first taste of legitimate freedom and you’ll want to live it up, but you really need to stay focused. Drinking is detrimental to your physical performance and can undo all of the hard work and gains you’ve made on your own or in SFPC. Also, alcohol related incidents are the easiest way to get kicked out of the pipeline so it’s a huge risk that’s not worth the reward. Have a few now and then if you’re of age, but don’t over do it.
Practical Tips
I’m sure I’ll think of more things, and please ask as many questions as you want. I’ll do my best to circle back and answer all that I can. I’ve gotten a lot from these forums in the past so I just wanted to help out anyone going through the pipeline. Good luck and stay focused.
Other Good Resources
Keyword searches: 18X SFAS, Selection, National Guard, NG, REP63, SFPC, SOPC, Green Beret, Special Forces, Q Course
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2020.11.27 16:19 Angzt Even 10 months after release, Warcraft III: Reforged is still missing central features of the original game: Ranked Ladder, Clans, Player Profiles, Custom Campaigns

The release of Warcraft III: Reforged on January 28th was, mildly speaking, a disaster:
Perhaps most importantly: The old Warcraft III client no longer works (without workarounds). Instead, you're made to download all of Reforged but are only able to use its old graphics style. The old client would be automatically uninstalled. On top of that, the old graphics style had a number of issues like missing shadows and effects, or bad saturation on some models.
Additionally, the following features from the original Warcraft III were not present in Reforged:
All of this led to massive protests by fans, including review-bombing the game down to 0.5 user score on Metacritic. But even the critic score only sits at 59 compared to 92 and 88 for the original game and its expansion.
A few days after launch, Blizzard made a post on their forums, trying to smooth the waves. In the post, they announced that clans and ladders were coming in a future patch, but automated tournaments were gone for good. Blizzard also eventually offered automated refunds to anyone, regardless of playtime.
So, what has changed after 10 months?
Frankly, not much. There have been 8 patches, mainly fixing numerous bugs, visual and sound issues, as well as some slight performance improvements. The later patches have focused more on balance changes. The only major change related to one of the points above is that you can now play custom maps in single player.
None of the other features that were in the original game but not Reforged have made a comeback, not even clans and ranked ladders which were already announced.
I don't want to bash the actual developers. They may have made some questionable decisions (looking at you, Electron main menu), but they're not to blame for missing features and lack of communication. That's on management. The same is true for the art style issues. Yes, the art was outsourced. But the folks at Blizzard gave the direction and their okay on each and every asset.
Blizzard used to stand for high quality and polish. In the past decade, that reputation has taken a few hits, but in most cases the company has continued work on their games and improved them significantly. This has usually taken some time. But at least the games felt complete on release. As such, Warcraft III: Reforged is a definitive low point for Blizzard.
If you've had a déjà vu reading this post, it's because I've made that exact same one back in May, 3.5 months after release. Here's what I've had to change from then to now:
  • Changed the number of months that passed
  • Changed the number of patches and added purpose for later ones
  • Removed a line about lack of communication (see below)
That's it, those are my full patch notes to bring the post up-to-date with the current state of the game.
Regarding communication, these are all the offical news we got since my original post:
  • A feature road map, posted May 19th (less than a week after my post here), but lacking any timeline
  • An update on ranked play, posted July 22nd, outlining how ranked will function and showing some UI previews, but lacking any timeline
  • An update on player profiled, posted August 19th, outlining how profiles will function and showing some UI previews, but lacking any timeline
  • An introduction to the World Editor, posted August 27th, giving a very broad overview of the tool, but nothing that an 18-year-old fan-made tutorial wouldn't do just as well
And nothing since. Note that none of the features discussed in the first three news posts have made it into the game yet.
Finally, I want to shout-out W3Champions for being a community made tool with integration into the in-game UI. It provides matchmaking, ranked ladder, player profiles, and a chat system similar to that of the original game. It released less than 2 months after Reforged's launch and is being used by the majority of top western players. See here for how their latest version looks in the game client.
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2020.11.27 02:57 gxsolace LG CX common problems and solutions

Figured I'd start this since I keep encountering the same questions often in multiple forums and on Reddit. Hopefully this helps people.
Q: I can't enable 120Hz at 4K even though I have the right cable specs with NVIDIA 30-series. A: NVIDIA Control Panel / Change resolution / Resolution > scroll down to "PC" section, select 3840 x 2160 > Refresh rate > 120 Hz. If you use the TV resolutions "Ultra HD, HD, SD" in the menu, only 60Hz will be available to you.
Q: I use my CX with a computer that has an NVIDIA 30-series graphics card and see blurry/colored fringing on text. A: You must set your CX's corresponding HDMI input to "PC Mode." Press the HOME button on your remote control. Click HOME DASHBOARD. Click the "gear" icon on the top right. Click "EDIT". Click the icon of the HDMI connection your PC is attached to and scroll down the list and change it to PC. Save.
Q: When I am in "PC Mode" so many image options are unavailable. A: This is normal behavior.
Q: I get screen flashing, corruption, blackouts. A: It is most likely cable. Test with different cables.
Q: I get horizontal lines. A: It is most likely cable. Test with different cables.
Q: How do I know a cable is certified to be HDMI 2.1? A: Certified cables will have a QR Code/Hologram sticker on their packaging and be labeled "UHS" on the cable's outer jacket. The QHologram can be scanned using a mobile app from At this current time, not many exist. The official allowable marketing name for cable manufacturers is "Ultra High Speed," and not "Ultra HD High Speed" or any other variation. However, many have reported success with the Zeskit brand of cables, even though it is currently labeled as "Ultra HD High Speed." Club 3D's CAC-1372 series cable are officially certified. More information can be found here:
Q: Is there a way to test for certain that my cable can do HDMI 2.1? A: Yes. If you have a model year 2020 receiver from Denon, Marantz, or Yamaha, they have a feature that allows you to plug your cable into one of the receiver's inputs and its output and run a bandwidth test. (credit: Vincent Teoh, of HDTVTest on YouTube)
Q: I have horizontal lines even in LG native apps on the TV. A: It is a hardware problem with your TV. Contact LG.
Q: I sometimes have flashing white vertical lines when playing games on my RTX 30-series card. A: This is a known firmware issue. It should be resolved with firmware 03.11.30. This is a problem related to near 120FPS in 4K/120Hz with GSYNC and looks like this: (credit: @DontNerfMeBr0)
Q: The screen dims noticeably when I have a large bright image appear. A: This is a normal automatic brightness limiter function of your CX and is meant to save you from OLED damage. The algorithm is known to be aggressive at this current time.
Q: I see slight vertical bands down my screen in very dark scenes or when viewing dark gray images, is my screen broken? A: Unfortunately, no two consumer OLED panels are the same and this faint banding in very dark images is normal for consumer-grade OLEDs at this time.
Q: I keep hearing the term "crushed blacks." What is it? Is it a problem? A: It depends. Crushed blacks is often used artistically to lower the luminosity of black areas to increase the contrast of the final image or scene. In the case of your CX, OLED panels can "crush blacks" due to the nature of the technology, where the voltage required to turn on an OLED pixel from off-state to just above black can be large. In this instance, if the pixel receives a value between off-state (pure black) and the minimum on state (very dark gray), the pixel may jump to off-state, thereby "crushing" the blacks, or maker them "blacker" than they were intended to be. This phenomenon is more noticeable on OLED panels compared to backlit LED panels because backlit LEDs panels cannot achieve true blacks.
Q: I upgraded to the latest public firmware and people said its suppose to fix flickering. I'm still seeing flickering in games with lots of dark areas. A: The fix is for other issues. You are experiencing near-black gamma shift, which is a known issue and is still under investigation by LG. No known fix has been announced. A temporary workaround is to turn off VRGSYNC. Near-black gamma shift looks like this: (credit @iiBoyley)
Q: I can't pass through 4K/120Hz from my device through my receiver to my CX. A: If you have a model year 2020 receiver from Marantz, Denon, or Yamaha, they currently have an HDMI 2.1 bug that is under investigation. There is no fix at this time. Plug your device directly into TV and use eARC to send audio back from your TV to your receiver.
Q: I can't get a proper signal from my Xbox Series X going from my receiver to my CX. A: Plug your Xbox Series X directly into the CX and use eARC to send audio back from your TV to your receiver. The Xbox Series X uses HDMI 2.1 with compression (DSC). Your receiver (assuming an HDMI 2.1 receiver from the list of vendors above) currently only process uncompressed HDMI 2.1 signals.
Q: Turning on my game console, the TV turns on but doesn't switch to the correct input. A: All settings / General / Additional Settings > Disable "Quick Start+". Then, All Settings / Connection / Device Connection > Enable "SIMPLINK". This is a known firmware bug and may be fixed in a later firmware update.
Q: I can't get eARC working on my Apple TV 4K. A: It is a known problem. A firmware fix is in progress.
Q: I bought a CX screen because it supports 120Hz. I cannot get above 60Hz from my PlayStation 4 Pro or Xbox One X. A: 120Hz is only supported on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.
Q: The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20-series card I have did 120Hz on my gaming monitor. It's not showing up on my new CX. A: You must have an RTX 30-series card to use 4K 120Hz at chroma 444 or 442 on the CX. Your RTX 20-series only supports 4K 120Hz over HDMI at chroma 420, which may hurt image quality. (edited for clarity; credit: claychastain)
Q: When I wake my PC up from screen sleep state and/or turn TV on the TV indicates a blank signal. A: This is a bug in firmware. Flipping "FreeSync Premium" on/off or off/on will re-establish HDMI link.
Q: When I use OLED Motion Pro, I can't get 24p content to be completely judder free. A: Enabling Real Cinema will completely remove judder from all content. OLED Motion Pro judder adjustments will not completely remove judder.
Q: I have Picture-in-Picture ("Multiview") on my C9. How do I get PIP on my CX? A: Unfortunately PIP is not available on the CX.
Q: I customized all my picture settings and they were wiped when I turned on HDR mode in Windows. A: The CX considers SDR and HDR two intendent modes even on the same HDMI device. You must set your customizations again for HDR. Your SDR settings are still saved.
Q: How do I see current refresh screen status on my CX? A: Mash the GREEN button on your remote several times. Exit by pressing the RETURN button.
Q: In the screen status, I see "VRR" and not "GSYNC". A: This is normal. VRR stands for Variable Refresh Rate and indicates you have GSYNC enabled or the open standard HDMI Forum VRR enabled.
Q: In the screen status, I see my refresh rate at 5.5Hz or lower but my screen is clearly running at 120Hz. A: This is a cosmetic bug in the CX firmware and otherwise your refresh rate is functioning normally.
Q: The image displayed on my CX is very slightly off edge on one or more sides of my display. A: This is normal behavior with Screen Shift on. It is meant to mitigate burn-in. You can disable it if it bothers you.
Q: I went to Check for Updates but I am not getting indication of new firmware available while everyone else seems to be getting it. A: LG is rolling out firmware updates in phases, by date of manufacture and region. Keep checking back. Sometimes hitting Check for Updates multiple times or rebooting your TV and trying again works.
Q: I updated to a newer public firmware and now I have flickering, blackouts, image issues. I want to rollback to a previous firmware. A: You cannot. Check your cable and test with a different cable, even if it worked previously.
Q: I used a service remote and updated to an engineering firmware. I want to rollback to a public firmware. A: You cannot. You must wait until LG releases a public firmware with a revision number higher than the engineering firmware you are currently on.
Q: I am on a problematic engineering firmware. Is there an engineering firmware that I can update to that is at least as stable as the public one? A: 03.31.08 (currently Engineering only).
Q: My TV is not finding the latest publicly available firmware. A: Download it from LG's website. Unzip the file. Place the file onto a FAT32 formatted USB stick, inside a folder called LG_DTV. Insert USB stick into any USB port on your CX. A notification will pop up asking if you want to install the new firmware.
Q: How do I get a service remote to enter secret menus on my CX? A: You are on your own. You can use Google or search this subreddit for information. Adjustments made through the service remote and its results are entirely on you and may void your warranty with LG.
Q: How can I tell when my CX was manufactured? A: The first three digits of your serial number will tell you. The first digit is the year (0 being 2020) and the second two digits are the month. 010 for example indicates manufactured in 2020, October.
Q: Is a later manufacturing date better than an earlier date? A: Not necessarily. Sometimes some hardware issues are fixed, and sometimes it's known as a cost-down revision, where cheaper parts are used to reduce manufacturing costs.
Q: Where can I find recommended settings for my CX? A: - Do not rely on copying calibration settings as every panel is different and you may end up with worse image quality depending on your individual panel.
Q: What white balance setting can I use if I don't want to mess with calibration or fine adjustments? A: "WARM2" will give you the setting that's closest to CIE Standard Illuminant D65 and is considered the most accurate setting achievable without professional calibration. For movies, FILMMAKER MODE is a preset that will provide you results designed to match "artistic intent" in relation to Hollywood movie color mastering standards.
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2020.11.26 20:38 OfficerTruth With Slack, Salesforce Would Put Heat on Microsoft

Salesforce Inc. has thrived for years as a niche business-software vendor with a chief executive, Marc Benioff , who has positioned himself as a prominent voice in American business.
Now Mr. Benioff is taking steps that analysts say aim higher, intensifying the company's battle with the industry's biggest player: Microsoft Corp.
Salesforce is in advanced talks to acquire Slack Technologies Inc. , The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday, in what would be Mr. Benioff's biggest acquisition to date and the company's most direct attack on a market Microsoft has identified as critical to its growth.
The deal, which could still fall through, would add fuel to Salesforce's ambition to become the go-to software platform for business customers to use for everything from data analysis to managing customer relationships to even daily communication.
The pandemic has amplified Salesforce's efforts. When Covid-19 broke out, Mr. Benioff quickly launched -- a suite of applications companies could use for contract tracing, mental-health checks and shift scheduling.
A deal for Slack could heat up the simmering rivalry between Salesforce and Microsoft . About five years ago Microsoft was in talks to buy Salesforce, but the deal fell apart over price. Salesforce lost out to Microsoft in 2016 in bidding for LinkedIn Corp. , the business-focused social-media network. The loss stung. Salesforce responded by urging regulators to examine Microsoft's proposed purchase on antitrust grounds; the deal passed regulatory scrutiny.
Landing Slack, which Microsoft once tried to acquire, could amount to a bit of revenge for Mr. Benioff.
Having failed to capture Slack, Microsoft launched its own workplace collaboration tool, called Teams, spurring a sometimes heated battle between the two companies.
"They want to kill us," Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield told the Journal earlier this year. This summer, Slack filed a complaint with the European Union over alleged antitrust behavior by Microsoft in using its dominance to push Teams.
Slack "extends the footprint of what Salesforce goes after," said Jefferies analyst Brent Thill . "Not everyone uses a sales system, but everyone can use collaboration. The beauty of Slack and Teams is that it touches everything inside enterprises."
Mr. Benioff has a history of deal making since he co-founded Salesforce 21 years ago and turned it into one of the most successful companies in the then still nascent market of providing software as a service. Salesforce completed its biggest-ever purchase last year, paying around $15 billion in stock for data-analytics platform Tableau Software Inc.
A year earlier it splashed out more than $5 billion for cloud-application provider MuleSoft. Inc. This year Salesforce said it was buying cloud-software provider Vlocity Inc.
Mr. Benioff has long been one of Silicon Valley's highest-profile and most outspoken executives, using venues like the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland , to champion causes. He set up Salesforce with a pledge of corporate giving and bought himself an even larger platform with his acquisition of Time Magazine two years ago.
The San Francisco -based company also has made a big push into the emerging field of artificial intelligence, developing tools to help customers make better use of their data. In 2016, it acquired PredictionIO, which makes software for building machine-learning apps. That followed the purchase of MinHash and Tempo AI, two further machine-learning companies. In 2014, it bought RelateIQ, which also specializes in the field.
Breaking into the market of workplace collaboration has long been on Salesforce's agenda. In 2010, it launched Chatter, a private social network for companies to collaborate. And in 2016, it bought cloud-document collaboration app company Quip Inc. for more than $500 million . Neither product attracted a wide following. Acquiring Slack, which Salesforce had previously explored buying, would immediately make the company a big player in the workplace- collaboration market. Slack has more than 130,000 paying customers.
Salesforce, which declined to comment for this article, is pursuing Slack as competition in its core business of customer relationship management software is intensifying. Adobe Inc. this month said it would buy Workfront, a platform for marketers, for $1.5 billion . Microsoft also has been pushing its rival product, called Dynamics. Salesforce still has the largest share with 20.1% of the world-wide market in 2019 compared with 2.6% for Microsoft Dynamics, according to research firm Gartner Inc.
Even with Slack, Salesforce would be a comparatively small rival to Microsoft . The Redmond, Wash. , company had sales of $143 billion in its latest financial year, generated by business enterprise software, its cloud-computing infrastructure, and consumer-facing businesses, such as videogaming, which has exploded during the pandemic. Its sales are roughly nine times Salesforce's annual revenue. Microsoft's market valuation tops $1.6 trillion , about six times that of Slack and Salesforce combined.
Last year Salesforce said it was seeking to reach $28 billion in annual sales in the 2023 financial year. It had $16 billion in sales in its most recent financial year.
"He really needs to keep growing," said Mark Moerdler , senior research analyst at Bernstein Research , of Mr. Benioff. "He needs another big acquisition. Slack gives him a big acquisition. It gives him revenue."
Slack also has been looking to broaden its appeal. Companies have used Slack principally for intra-office communications. In June, the software provider introduced Slack Connect, which allows messages to be sent between different companies. Slack's Mr. Butterfield said the feature has driven a rise in paying customers and should fuel future growth.
But big acquisition plans aren't without pitfalls. When Salesforce tried to buy social-media company Twitter Inc. in 2016, Mr. Benioff faced significant pushback from investors and he walked away from the deal. Although Slack is more in the mainstream of Salesforce's business than Twitter, it would still come at a hefty price given Slack's $17 billion market value before Wednesday's stock surge.
"Investors don't want Salesforce to do a big deal," Mr. Thill of Jefferies said, adding they want the company to show it can generate growth from within.
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2020.11.26 20:37 OfficerTruth With Slack, Salesforce Would Put Heat on Microsoft

Salesforce Inc. has thrived for years as a niche business-software vendor with a chief executive, Marc Benioff , who has positioned himself as a prominent voice in American business.
Now Mr. Benioff is taking steps that analysts say aim higher, intensifying the company's battle with the industry's biggest player: Microsoft Corp.
Salesforce is in advanced talks to acquire Slack Technologies Inc. , The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday, in what would be Mr. Benioff's biggest acquisition to date and the company's most direct attack on a market Microsoft has identified as critical to its growth.
The deal, which could still fall through, would add fuel to Salesforce's ambition to become the go-to software platform for business customers to use for everything from data analysis to managing customer relationships to even daily communication.
The pandemic has amplified Salesforce's efforts. When Covid-19 broke out, Mr. Benioff quickly launched -- a suite of applications companies could use for contract tracing, mental-health checks and shift scheduling.
A deal for Slack could heat up the simmering rivalry between Salesforce and Microsoft . About five years ago Microsoft was in talks to buy Salesforce, but the deal fell apart over price. Salesforce lost out to Microsoft in 2016 in bidding for LinkedIn Corp. , the business-focused social-media network. The loss stung. Salesforce responded by urging regulators to examine Microsoft's proposed purchase on antitrust grounds; the deal passed regulatory scrutiny.
Landing Slack, which Microsoft once tried to acquire, could amount to a bit of revenge for Mr. Benioff.
Having failed to capture Slack, Microsoft launched its own workplace collaboration tool, called Teams, spurring a sometimes heated battle between the two companies.
"They want to kill us," Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield told the Journal earlier this year. This summer, Slack filed a complaint with the European Union over alleged antitrust behavior by Microsoft in using its dominance to push Teams.
Slack "extends the footprint of what Salesforce goes after," said Jefferies analyst Brent Thill . "Not everyone uses a sales system, but everyone can use collaboration. The beauty of Slack and Teams is that it touches everything inside enterprises."
Mr. Benioff has a history of deal making since he co-founded Salesforce 21 years ago and turned it into one of the most successful companies in the then still nascent market of providing software as a service. Salesforce completed its biggest-ever purchase last year, paying around $15 billion in stock for data-analytics platform Tableau Software Inc.
A year earlier it splashed out more than $5 billion for cloud-application provider MuleSoft. Inc. This year Salesforce said it was buying cloud-software provider Vlocity Inc.
Mr. Benioff has long been one of Silicon Valley's highest-profile and most outspoken executives, using venues like the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland , to champion causes. He set up Salesforce with a pledge of corporate giving and bought himself an even larger platform with his acquisition of Time Magazine two years ago.
The San Francisco -based company also has made a big push into the emerging field of artificial intelligence, developing tools to help customers make better use of their data. In 2016, it acquired PredictionIO, which makes software for building machine-learning apps. That followed the purchase of MinHash and Tempo AI, two further machine-learning companies. In 2014, it bought RelateIQ, which also specializes in the field.
Breaking into the market of workplace collaboration has long been on Salesforce's agenda. In 2010, it launched Chatter, a private social network for companies to collaborate. And in 2016, it bought cloud-document collaboration app company Quip Inc. for more than $500 million . Neither product attracted a wide following. Acquiring Slack, which Salesforce had previously explored buying, would immediately make the company a big player in the workplace- collaboration market. Slack has more than 130,000 paying customers.
Salesforce, which declined to comment for this article, is pursuing Slack as competition in its core business of customer relationship management software is intensifying. Adobe Inc. this month said it would buy Workfront, a platform for marketers, for $1.5 billion . Microsoft also has been pushing its rival product, called Dynamics. Salesforce still has the largest share with 20.1% of the world-wide market in 2019 compared with 2.6% for Microsoft Dynamics, according to research firm Gartner Inc.
Even with Slack, Salesforce would be a comparatively small rival to Microsoft . The Redmond, Wash. , company had sales of $143 billion in its latest financial year, generated by business enterprise software, its cloud-computing infrastructure, and consumer-facing businesses, such as videogaming, which has exploded during the pandemic. Its sales are roughly nine times Salesforce's annual revenue. Microsoft's market valuation tops $1.6 trillion , about six times that of Slack and Salesforce combined.
Last year Salesforce said it was seeking to reach $28 billion in annual sales in the 2023 financial year. It had $16 billion in sales in its most recent financial year.
"He really needs to keep growing," said Mark Moerdler , senior research analyst at Bernstein Research , of Mr. Benioff. "He needs another big acquisition. Slack gives him a big acquisition. It gives him revenue."
Slack also has been looking to broaden its appeal. Companies have used Slack principally for intra-office communications. In June, the software provider introduced Slack Connect, which allows messages to be sent between different companies. Slack's Mr. Butterfield said the feature has driven a rise in paying customers and should fuel future growth.
But big acquisition plans aren't without pitfalls. When Salesforce tried to buy social-media company Twitter Inc. in 2016, Mr. Benioff faced significant pushback from investors and he walked away from the deal. Although Slack is more in the mainstream of Salesforce's business than Twitter, it would still come at a hefty price given Slack's $17 billion market value before Wednesday's stock surge.
"Investors don't want Salesforce to do a big deal," Mr. Thill of Jefferies said, adding they want the company to show it can generate growth from within.
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2020.11.26 16:14 gloveisoff A little bit about the island of Bornholm, Denmark. Germanic ironage and viking age.

Source in from HERE where i like others on the island help the pros. The Bornholm Archaeological Research Center (BARC) is an organization, branch of the Museum of Bornholm, in Denmark, dedicated to the creation, dissemination, and conservation of archaeological knowledge and heritage. The BARC is home to the departmental Archaeology Program of several national and international universities. It provides a forum for innovative faculty research, graduate education, and public programs at BARC in an effort to impact positively the academic, local and global communities. BARC wants to be the forefront of archaeological research, education, conservation and publication, and also to become an active contributor to interdisciplinary research in the Baltic Region.
Germanic Iron Age (400 – 750AD) The Germanic Iron Age is divided into two periods: the early Germanic Iron Age and the Late Germanic Iron Age. As the Roman Empire was in decline an abundance of gold flowed into Scandinavia and some excellent examples of these gold artifacts from this period have been found. Most of the richness found in Bornholm for this period derives from settlements across the island but especially from Sorte Muld, the biggest central settlement in the island. Sorte Muld covers more than 1 square km, and cultural layers of up to 1,5-meter-deep, something which points at the highly active settlement. The abundant finds of gold, semi-precious stone from India, roman glass and weapons underlines its importance as a center of trade, military and belief in Scandinavia from about 500-700 AD. It has been considered that a good part of the success Sorte Muld as a trade center is due to its position in the Baltic sea and the many natural harbors on the coastline with a road, that is still visible today, leading from the coast to this site. Besides its functioning as a trade center, the discovery of more than 3000 gold-foil figures “Guldgubber”, weapons and gold ritually deposited, something that allows to consider this site as a religious center where probably the elite conducted religious practices for the society. It is still not known where the cemetery associated to Sorte Muld is located, the only location with sufficient rich graves is situated 15 km up the coast and is dated to the end of the settlements peak from 650 AD to the beginning of the Viking age and cannot be directly connected to the settlement. The cemetery, Nørre Sandegård Vest, is the biggest and wealthiest cemetery from the 6th-8th centuries in Denmark, with very well defined and highly militarized family groups and rich females’ graves.
At the end of the 7th centuries the central settlements split up into single farmsteads, but lots of the religious figures and tales from the Late Germanic Iron Age in the 8th century blended into the Viking Age and the proto-historical period, with legendary or semi-legendary oral tradition recorded a few centuries later in the Gesta Danorum, heroic legend and sagas, and an incipient tradition of primary written documents in the form of rune stones. (Links)
Viking Age Bornholm (750AD -1050AD) Vikings were societies organized around warrior aristocracies representing a decentralized form of chiefdom or stratified society, based on free landholding farmers, who formed an elite stratum controlling commoners and slaves through warrior might. Common to the Viking Age was the securing of long-distance trade and political stability, as well as the potentially disruptive forces that may destroy such political networks. This kind of decentralized political economy would need political confederacies that allowed the control of larger segments of trade routes. A Chiefdom confederacy is formed by a number of genealogically related and unrelated chiefdoms, which were unified through coercion or common agreement. Bornholm appears in the written sources for the first time as a traveler in approximate 890AD, going from Hedeby in Jutland to Truso in Poland, he wrote that Bornholm had its own king. The second-time that written sources refer to Bornholm is in Adam of Bremen’s description of Scandinavia in 1070 where Bornholm (Holmus) is described as a part of the Danish kingdom.
The Viking Age was still based on a decentralized political economy, which has only started the move towards a more centralized political economy, based on towns as administrative centers. This implies that the similarities reside in the social structure, which therefore produces a similar set of material representations. Some elements, like the use of barrows, were obviously part of an old ritual tradition, visible in the landscape, and the same is true of ship settings. On Bornholm, there are no signs of towns, barrows and rich graves are scarce as well; but the island’s role as an important location in the trade routes can be identified in the amount of silver treasures found on the island. There is approximately one Viking silver treasure found every year, and the around 130 treasures from the island makes up nearly half of the Danish Viking age silver treasures.
The riches and success of the Vikings were mainly due to new maritime and shipbuilding technologies that allowed the expansion of trade networks, as well as the formation of a semi- independent maritime economy and the contacts to the rest of Scandinavia, England and in the case of Bornholm especially the Baltic coast. It is important to consider that a big amount of the silver found in Bornholm came from the Middle East and it was most likely obtained by Vikings from Bornholm who traded with merchants of the island and the Baltic coast or along the rivers of nowadays Russia.
Vikings were also farmers and there are a lot of archaeological finds of Viking age settlements and houses in Bornholm. Archaeological remains of these settlements have been found all over the island for example nearby Runegård in Aaker, and as a matter of fact, some of the farmsteads in Bornholm today are still in the same locations as those settled during the Viking period. This recurrent settlement over previous constructions has created an overlapping, which documents the entire history of the settlements in the island and its transformation.(Links)
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2020.11.26 13:04 BuckGB Path of Exile December Events and Lore Q&A, Part 2

Path of Exile’s upcoming challenge league expansion was recently delayed to January. But while the developers are working on this new expansion, you’ll still be able to get your hands on some fresh Path of Exile content thanks to a series of special events throughout December. These include a week of Mayhem, an Endless Delve event, and a Flashback event. You can read all about them over here.
And here’s just the schedule:
This December, we've lined up three epic events for Path of Exile players to test themselves against. We've planned a one-week Mayhem Event, a one-week Endless Delve Event and a three-week Heist Flashback Event to keep the slaybells ringing during the holiday period in the lead-up to our endgame expansion in January. Please find our schedule below for our most important upcoming dates.
Dates In US/EU Timezone - Dec 4 - One-Week Mayhem - Dec 11 - One-Week Endless Delve - Dec 18 - Three-Week Heist Flashback - Jan 7 - 3.13 Announcement Livestream - Jan 11 - Heist Ends on PC - Jan 15 - 3.13 PC Launch - Jan 21 - 3.13 Console Launch
Beyond that, you can now read the second part of the official lore Q&A (check out the first part). Have a look:
We're continuing to share bits and pieces of Path of Exile's world. Check out the first batch of lore questions and answers here. We hope all the lore fans will find this news post interesting. Enjoy!
Why did Grigor try to enter the Temple of Solaris? What did he want to do with remnants of the Gemling Queen? Why did he ask Exile to destroy these remnants?
Grigor tried to enter the Temple of Solaris to find the remains of the Gemling Queen. He did this because of an ode, Of Jewels and Eternity. Grigor regarded her as ‘the enigma behind the fall of the Ezomytes and the Eternals both’ as well as ‘a living embodiment of the cataclysm.’ He initially wanted the Exile to destroy the remnants to keep Piety from getting them for her research, but once he found out the Gemling Queen was still alive, he seemed quite concerned for her safety from the Ebony Legion. I believe he regarded her as a crucial part of his own tale as an Ezomyte and as a gemling (Piety put a gem in his vital organs). In essence, this was a search for answers.
Clarissa: "...Vinia sold her thaumaturgy in the day, her body at night. Sought after, she was. Enough so to become one of my best buyers..." Why was Piety one of Clarissa's best buyers? Did Clarissa sell something special that Piety needed?
Clarissa sells gems, flasks, and other mystical devices. In Oriath, some of that - especially the gems - was illegal. She likely got into that business after her father lost all the family’s money to gambling and they were forced to move. From there, Hargan started helping take care of her, so his underground business contacts probably got Clarissa into selling illegal items to make ends meet.
Vinia dabbled in thaumaturgy, and purchased such things from Clarissa, since they were difficult to obtain. As Vinia’s skill with thaumaturgy grew, so too did her need for reagents and components.
What are the reasons behind Clarissa's and Hargan's exile?
Clarissa doesn’t discuss why she was exiled, but it probably had something to do with her affiliation with Vinia and the selling of illegal thaumaturgical items. Clarissa was aware of her ‘buyer’s’ use of thaumaturgy. Once Vinia became Piety, Clarissa was likely exiled as a way to get rid of any loose ends. Indeed, many references point to Dominus exiling anyone who posed even the slightest threat to his plans.
Hargan became Clarissa’s guardian in Oriath after her father lost all the family money gambling. While Hargan is clearly willing to get involved in looting antiquities and other shady business dealings, no one is quite sure why he was exiled. Personally, I believe he was never actually exiled, but left Oriath of his own accord to continue watching out for Clarissa. He’ll deny it, of course, to maintain his image.
Was the Vaal pyramid underground all the time and arose only when the Darkness was destroyed?
Yes. The pyramid rises and breaks out from under the ground after the Vaal Oversoul is destroyed. There is actually a drill at the top, so some ancient architect intended this structure to put on quite a show. One can imagine being a Vaal citizen and watching the sacrificial temple literally rise from the earth to block out the evening sun...
Did Dominus start to experiment with thaumaturgy only because of Piety?
It’s very difficult to determine this. Reviewing the testimony of the people the Exile met, Dominus ran many different projects in his pursuit of power. However, the timing does line up rather compellingly. It’s very possible that Piety, then Vinia, sold Dominus on a vision of power the night before she was to be burned at the stake. After Dominus met with her, she was pardoned, given a new name, and put in charge of grim research. Not too long after, mass exilings began, and Dominus directed Blackguard legions to Wraeclast - including Helena’s expedition.
When did Dominus start experimenting with thaumaturgy? Was it before he became the High Templar, after, or just recently?
Dominus has always been quite ambitious, and willing to violate the tenets of the Templar faith in secret to pursue power. Thaumaturgy was not fully on his radar before he became High Templar, however. His interests were elsewhere at that time...
So his research into Wraeclast could be described as recent. That interest was the impetus for the overzealous exiling trend. The people being exiled were sent to Wraeclast to be observed and experimented on in many different ways. Thus, the Exile’s story begins.
Could you elaborate more on the power of Innocence and the power of Beast? Why are they different, why couldn't Dominus wield the Sign of Purity?
Innocence derives power from Divinity, which comes from the power of believers and faith. There was a time long ago when anyone with enough followers could ascend to godhood, and that was when most of the gods we know, including Innocence, were created. Unfortunately, there seems to be a feedback cycle involved with Divinity, in which the image the leader projects informs what beliefs the followers imprint upon the leader, perpetuating an ongoing exaggeration of traits and desires. Sin retained his humanity, likely because Innocence had him vilified in the Templar religion rather than worshipped; as the gods became increasingly unstable, Sin decided to create the Beast, which feeds upon the energies of faith. The gods, denied the divine energies from their followers, went to sleep.
Unfortunately for everyone, the Beast didn’t just consume divine energies - the process of digesting it leaked its inverse, Corruption, as a form of waste. While divine energies are extremely ordered and focused, Corruption is inherently chaotic and maddening. Corruption bathed Wraeclast over the ages, irradiating the land with sinister energies. Eventually, some realized that this could offer an alternate route to power. The first ones who tried it were the Vaal, and that eventually led to their destruction. Thousands of years later, the Eternal Empire tried it, too, with similar disastrous results. Not learning from history, in modern times High Templar Dominus became obsessed with Corruption, spending all his resources to research it. He was eventually so steeped in Corruption that the Sign of Purity became anathema to him, for Divinity and Corruption are opposites.
For a bit of extra information on the question, this is the same general reason that people couldn’t become gods while the Beast was active. The best a person can hope for on Wraeclast is to remain neutral, unaffected by either. For example, one can be spared corrupted mutations if they inspire faith in those around them. That might be why the Exile remains human when so many others become abominations in proximity to Corruption. Wraeclast also has thousands of years of imbued Corruption that will continue to radiate for an unknown length of time, so the gods the Exile encountered in Acts 5 through 10 were much weaker than they were in the past.
How many years has Dominus been the High Templar? When did Avarius become the High Templar?
Dominus took over as High Templar after Venarius’ disappearance. That event occurred when Zana was a child, so we can guess that Dominus was the High Templar for two or three decades. We can’t be more specific because Zana won’t tell us her age (and it'd be rude to ask!).
Avarius became the High Templar some time after Dominus is slain in Act 3. It is likely there was a period of contention over power, because Avarius only truly rose to prominence once the Beast was slain in Act 4 and Innocence awoke and possessed him. That means Avarius was only High Templar for a very short time, relatively speaking, before the Exile comes along and destroys him, too.
Is it possible that Piety learned lightning spells from Shavronne and cold/fire spells from Lunaris/Solaris respectively? Or was it more of a 'common knowledge' that doesn't come from the gods?
Thaumaturgy comes from virtue gems. Piety had a Ball Lightning gem, an Ice Shot gem linked to a Multiple Projectiles support, and a fire melee gem of some sort. Her blood minion summoning and her transformations, on the other hand, were proto-Corruption abilities learned from her horrible experiments on the victims in the Lunaris Temple. Steeped in Corruption as she was, she could not have employed any divine abilities.
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2020.11.26 11:08 guinv8 List of UN Funds, Programmes, and Specialized Agencies

The UN is much more than the Secretariat in New York ( There are of different funds, programmes and specialized agencies out there, most of which have their own independent Human Resources Divisions and their own hiring practices.
A key aspect to finding a job and developing a career in the UN is understanding the System, applying to agencies that demand the sort of skills you have, and above all, amplifying your chances of being shortlisted and selected.
The list below ( includes all UN Agencies, Funds and Programmes with an independent administrative structure. If a specific agency or department is not included here, then it probably falls within the administrative sphere of a larger agency - often the Secretariat (e.g. OHCHR or UNMAS).

Funds and Programmes


Headquarters: New York City, USA
The United Nations Development Programme works in nearly 170 countries and territories, helping to eradicate poverty, reduce inequalities and build resilience so countries can sustain progress. As the UN’s development agency, UNDP plays a critical role in helping countries achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.


Headquarters: Nairobi, Kenya
The United Nations Environment Programme established in 1972, is the voice for the environment within the United Nations system. UNEP acts as a catalyst, advocate, educator and facilitator to promote the wise use and sustainable development of the global environment.


Headquarters: New York City, USA
The United Nations Population Fund – UNFPA is the lead UN agency for delivering a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every birth is safe, and every young person's potential is fulfilled.


Headquarters: Nairobi, Kenya
The mission of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme is to promote socially and environmentally sustainable human settlements development and the achievement of adequate shelter for all.


Headquarters: New York City, USA
UNICEF works in 190 countries and territories to save children’s lives, to defend their rights, and to help them fulfil their potential, from early childhood through adolescence.


Headquarters: Rome, Italy
The World Food Programme aims to eradicate hunger and malnutrition. It is the world’s largest humanitarian agency. Every year, the programme feeds almost 80 million people in around 75 countries.

UN Specialized Agencies

The UN specialized agencies are autonomous organizations working with the United Nations. All were brought into relationship with the UN through negotiated agreements. Some existed before the First World War. Some were associated with the League of Nations. Others were created almost simultaneously with the UN. Others were created by the UN to meet emerging needs.


Headquarters: Rome, Italy
The Food and Agriculture Organization leads international efforts to fight hunger. It is both a forum for negotiating agreements between developing and developed countries and a source of technical knowledge and information to aid development.


Headquarters: Montreal, Canada
The International Civil Aviation Organization develops standards for global air transport and assists its 192 Member States in sharing the world’s skies to their socio-economic benefit.


Headquarters: Rome, Italy
The International Fund for Agricultural Development, since it was created in 1977, has focused exclusively on rural poverty reduction, working with poor rural populations in developing countries to eliminate poverty, hunger and malnutrition; raise their productivity and incomes; and improve the quality of their lives.


Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland
The International Labor Organization promotes international labor rights by formulating international standards on the freedom to associate, collective bargaining, the abolition of forced labor, and equality of opportunity and treatment.


Headquarters: Washington, DC, USA
The International Monetary Fund fosters economic growth and employment by providing temporary financial assistance to countries to help ease balance of payments adjustment and technical assistance. The IMF currently has $28 billion in outstanding loans to 74 nations.


Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
The International Maritime Organization has created a comprehensive shipping regulatory framework, addressing safety and environmental concerns, legal matters, technical cooperation, security, and efficiency.


Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland
The International Telecommunication Union is the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies. It is committed to connecting all the world's people – wherever they live and whatever their means. Through our work, we protect and support everyone's fundamental right to communicate


Headquarters: Paris, France
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization focuses on everything from teacher training to helping improve education worldwide to protecting important historical and cultural sites around the world. UNESCO added 28 new World Heritage Sites this year to the list of irreplaceable treasures that will be protected for today's travelers and future generations.


Headquarters: Vienna, Austria
The United Nations Industrial Development Organization is the specialized agency of the United Nations that promotes industrial development for poverty reduction, inclusive globalization and environmental sustainability.


Headquarters: Madrid, Spain
The World Tourism Organization is the United Nations agency responsible for the promotion of responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism.


Headquarters: Bern, Switzerland
The Universal Postal Union is the primary forum for cooperation between postal sector players. It helps to ensure a truly universal network of up-to-date products and services.


Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland
The World Health Organization is the directing and coordinating authority on international health within the United Nations system. The objective of WHO is the attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of health. Health, as defined in the WHO Constitution, is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.


Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland
The World Intellectual Property Organization protects intellectual property throughout the world through 23 international treaties.


Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland
The World Meteorological Organization facilitates the free international exchange of meteorological data and information and the furtherance of its use in aviation, shipping, security, and agriculture, among other things.

World Bank

Headquarters: Washington, DC, USA
The World Bank focuses on poverty reduction and the improvement of living standards worldwide by providing low-interest loans, interest-free credit, and grants to developing countries for education, health, infrastructure, and communications, among other things. The World Bank works in over 100 countries.
\ International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) and Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) are not specialized agencies in accordance with Articles 57 and 63 of the Charter, but are part of the World Bank Group.*

Other Entities and Bodies


Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland
The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) leads and inspires the world to achieve its shared vision of zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS-related deaths. UNAIDS unites the efforts of 11 UN organizations—UNHCR, UNICEF, WFP, UNDP, UNFPA, UNODC, UN Women, ILO, UNESCO, WHO and the World Bank—and works closely with global and national partners towards ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030 as part of the Sustainable Development Goals.


Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland
The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees – UNHCR protects refugees worldwide and facilitates their return home or resettlement.


Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland
The United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research is a voluntarily funded autonomous institute within the United Nations. An impartial actor, the Institute generates ideas and promotes action on disarmament and security. UNIDIR brings together states, international organizations, civil society, the private sector and academia to work together—internationally, regionally and locally—to build and implement creative solutions that will benefit all states and peoples.


Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland
An autonomous UN body established in 1963, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research is a training arm of the United Nations System, and has the mandate to enhance the effectiveness of the UN through diplomatic training, and to increase the impact of national actions through public awareness-raising, education and training of public policy officials.


Headquarters: Copenhagen, Denmark
The mission of the United Nations Office for Project Services is to help people build better lives and help countries achieve peace and sustainable development. UNOPS helps the UN, governments and other partners to manage projects, and deliver sustainable infrastructure and procurement in an efficient way.


Headquarters: Amman, Jordan
The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees has contributed to the welfare and human development of four generations of Palestine refugees. It’s services encompass education, health care, relief and social services, camp infrastructure and improvement, microfinance and emergency assistance, including in times of armed conflict. It reports only to the UN General Assembly.


Headquarters: Turin, Italy
The United Nations System Staff College is the learning organization of the United Nations system. It designs and delivers learning programmes for staff of the UN system and its partners. It helps the United Nations become more effective by fostering a common leadership and management culture across the system.


Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
The United Nations University was established by the UN General Assembly with the mandate to conduct “research into the pressing global problems of human survival, development and welfare.” Today, the University comprises 14 research and training institutes in 12 countries. As the think tank of the UN system, UNU provides policymakers with high-quality, evidence-based research and pragmatic advice.

UN Women

Headquarters: New York City, USA
UN Women merges and builds on the important work of four previously distinct parts of the UN system, which focus exclusively on gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Related Organizations


Headquarters: Vienna, Austria
The Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization promotes the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (which is not yet in force) and the build-up of the verification regime so that it is operational when the Treaty enters into force.


Headquarters: Vienna, Austria
The International Atomic Energy Agency, is the world's centre for cooperation in the nuclear field. The Agency works with its Member States and multiple partners worldwide to promote the safe, secure and peaceful use of nuclear technologies.


Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland
The International Organization for Migration works to help ensure the orderly and humane management of migration, to promote international cooperation on migration issues, to assist in the search for practical solutions to migration problems and to provide humanitarian assistance to migrants in need, including refugees and internally displaced people.


Headquarters: The Hague, Netherlands
The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons is the implementing body of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), which entered into force in 1997. OPCW Member States work together to achieve a world free of chemical weapons.


Headquarters: Bonn, Germany
The UNFCCC Secretariat (UN Climate Change) was established in 1992 when countries adopted the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). With the subsequent adoption of the Kyoto Protocol in 1997 and the Paris Agreement in 2015, Parties to these three agreements have progressively reaffirmed the Secretariat’s role as the United Nations entity tasked with supporting the global response to the threat of climate change.


Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland
The World Trade Organization is a forum for governments to negotiate trade agreements, and a place where member governments try to sort out the trade problems they face with each other.


Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland
The International Trade Centre (ITC) is the only development agency that is fully dedicated to supporting the internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Established in 1964, the ITC is the joint agency of the World Trade Organization and the United Nations.
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2020.11.26 04:35 larsiusprime My hobby: Cleaning up Steam tags by hand at warp speed: Bowling Games, Cooking Games, Interface Games, Bartending games, First-Person Photo-Shooters and lots of other weird stuff you know existed.

Hi folks, my name's Lars.
I maintain the website whose mission is to collect and contextualize as many public metrics about Steam games as possible.
To fulfill this mission, the site must have a powerful and ACCURATE filter system. So I've been slowly and steadily improving Steam's tagging system -- a system I have heard you lot have a few opinions about.
Q: Why aren't there more cooking games on Steam? A: There's actually a lot, they're just not labeled well.
Q: How many bowling games are there on Steam? A: More than 50, and not just GTAV
Q: What other weird genres are out there lurking undiscovered? A: Tons, I'm just scratching the surface but here's a sampling:
AFAIK, with the exception of Creature Collector, Bowling, and now Cooking, none of these tags are available on Steam yet. The process outlined in my linked tweets above is scalable and economic. There are ONLY ~45,000 games on Steam. That sounds like a lot, but compare that to the number of songs on spotify or the number of videos on youtube. It's tractable. If I had the proper resources I could take my skeleton crew of trained classifiers (2 part time staffers plus myself) and classify* not only Steam, but also every other game on every other platform, in a few months.
*Yes I have a lot of opinions/plans to address the eternal debates over "X tag is ambiguous/misused/meaningless"
Quick context: I have a lot of professional experience with this.
I contracted for Valve this past year and I helped build Steam's Tag Wizard, Query Expansion for Search feature, and the Deep Dive experiment.
Now I'm a free agent again and doing my own stuff 100% unafilliated with Valve -- to be clear I don't represent them or speak for them in any way, nor will you get any secret sauce info out of me -- but I do still maintain friendly relations with some folks over there.
Suffice it to say there's probably not a thing you can say about Steam's tag system I haven't heard before, but I also understand why and how it got to be the way it is. I also have a lot of thoughts on how it can be improved. Honestly, for all the complaints it gets, I have to say Steam's system(s)** are still miles above the competition who all are mostly stuck with the same six generic super-genres that have been around for the last 20 years.
Having my own site gives me the freedom to do some bold and extremely opinionated things. But my hope is that by doing this little experiment publicly it can prove that it can be accomplished efficiently at scale, and hopefully that will inspire other platforms to follow suit.
**Ask me about tags vs. genres vs. store categories vs. mature content descriptors sometime
I'm sharing this because I've seen other 3rd party Steam sites shared on this forum and figured some of you might be interested in it. I'm not directly monetizing the site except for passive Patreon donations (no G2A affiliate links here!), I'm just here to get some feedback. My typical audience is bizdev number crunchy type people, but I'm interested to see what the general population thinks about the site, and thought the tag angle might make a good introduction.
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2020.11.26 02:43 pakcman No Black Friday sale for you. GoPro website is broken and they're doing nothing to accept responsibility or fix it.

TLDR; If you're unlucky enough to be affected by GoPro's website glitch, you cannot buy anything from GoPro directly. They have no solutions and no alternatives. This has been an issue for a while. No Black friday sale for you.

There is a massive issue on the GoPro website that is keeping people from buying anything, and GoPro is doing nothing to fix it. I was told I wouldn't be able to use their black friday sale and my only option was to buy from a retailer, all because their online store has a glitch that prevents payments from processing. As per the forum post below, this has been going on for months and seems to still be a major issue.

GoPro's stance is basically, "well if you're one of the people affected you just cant buy from us" They're unwilling to process orders by any other means than the website, and they will not issue rainchecks, and they have made no mention of working to fix this issue.
I was very excited to try out their brand by buying my first GoPro during the black Friday sale, but according to them I'm SOL.
Here is the transcript of my conversation w/ customer service (your only way to talk to GoPro), I left the first few date/times in for reference but cleaned up the rest for readability.
Ken Ryan (11/25/2020, 1:23:12 PM): Thank you for contacting GoPro! My name is Ken Ryan, how can I help you today?
Me (11/25/2020, 1:23:43 PM): I am unable to complete checkout on the GoPro website to buy the black Friday Hero9 bundle
Ken Ryan: That's not good. :/ I'll see what I can do to help.
Ken Ryan: Are you getting any error message?
Me : "Your order could not be submitted. Please try a different payment method"
Me : I have tried my debit card, PayPal, completing the purchase in an incognito tab, and changing the name on the shipping info, on the advice of a phone support agent
Ken Ryan: I see. And you are getting the same error?
Me: Yes.
Ken Ryan: Looks like our Order Support Team has run into an issue with your order and it was declined.
Me: and why is that?
Ken Ryan: Have you tried another email/profile as suggested by the previous rep?
Ken Ryan: This can occur for a number of reasons including: credit card expiration, payment detail errors (including invalid credit card security code or billing address), and or issuing bank verification requirements.
Me : I don't have a profile, this is my first GoPro purchase. The other agent did not suggest trying a different email
Me : There is no issue with my payment info, and I have tried multiple payment options
Me : This has been a commonly reported issue, I have seen people posting similar issues online for over a year
Ken Ryan : Unfortunately, we have no insight as to what issue our Order Support Team ran into with your order.
Ken Ryan : Trying another email and using another shipping address (if available) would be ideal. Since you already tried different billing info.
Me : I don't have another shipping address.
Ken Ryan : Okay. Please checkout using a secondary email then. Use an incognito browser.
Ken Ryan : If same error shows up, we highly recommend you contact your bank/financial institution and verify your payment details, then resubmit your order through as they'll be the ones to receive/review your new order.
Me : I have already verified my payment information. This is obviously an issue on GoPro's end. The phone support agent said he'd been dealing with this same issue, which is why he recommended changing the shipping name and address.
Ken Ryan : Yep, using another shipping address would be ideal, if the billing info was indeed verified. Please also try another email address upon checking out.
Me : I only have one shipping address available, I'm not going to have $470 worth of equipment sent to a friend's address. I am trying another email address now.
Ken Ryan : We definitely understand that. Lemme know if same error would show up.
Me : This time when I went to complete the order it just took me back to the GoPro home page and my cart is empty
Ken Ryan : Okay, that's weird.
Me : I tried to use PayPal this time instead of a debit card
Ken Ryan : Please check the inbox of secondary email used. See if you got a confirmation email.
Me : No, I don't. also it never took me to the PayPal page to complete the purchase
Me : The same thing happened the first time I tried using PayPal with my primary email address.
Me : same issue, no email and no PayPal page came up
Ken Ryan : Oh, okay. But you did not get any error message this time? Please try it again using the secondary email.
Me : I got nothing, the page just closed and redirected to the home page and my cart was empty
Ken Ryan : Okay. Reload the page, then try again.
Me : Ok, ill have to add everything to my cart again
Ken Ryan : Take your time. Let me know how it goes this time.
Me : Ok, I'm back to the checkout page
Ken Ryan : Alright.
Me : If I change the shipping address, can I have it modified after checkout?
Ken Ryan : No, we do not modify orders once placed in system.
Me : what if someone entered their shipping address incorrectly? How would you resolve that?
Ken Ryan : For that scenario, we cancel orders with incorrect address.
Me : What info/email do you want me to use for this attempt?
Me : info/email*
Ken Ryan : The secondary email you used earlier, when the page redirects you to homepage.
Me : and debit card or PayPal?
Ken Ryan : PayPal. Since that is the payment method you used where you did not get an error.
Me : Now I'm getting the error message
Ken Ryan : Bummer to know that. :/ We already exhausted t/s steps that should sort the error, but looks like the order keeps on being declined. We recommend that you purchase locally through a nearby retailer or one of our local distributors.
Me : Is the black Friday deal available through those venues?
Ken Ryan : No, the current promo is available on website only. Retailers may have different promo on their side. You can check our store locator -
Me : So you're telling me there is no way for me to purchase this equipment using your black Friday sale?
Ken Ryan : I regret to say but that is your case right now. :/ Exploring local retailers will be our last resort.
Me : Why cant my order be processed manually?
Ken Ryan : is the only channel available for placing new orders. We do not place orders and gather payment info over the phone and/or chat.
Me : How do you accommodate disabled customers who are unable to complete these purchases through a web browser?
Ken Ryan : We direct them to retailers as suggested. This is merely a payment issue, and orders will keep on being declined since we already tried different payment method.
Me : This would have been my first purchase of GoPro equipment, and this experience has severely soured me on GoPro's technical customer service. Do you have a customer loyalty/retention department or someone with a higher authority that we can escalate this issue to?
Ken Ryan : As mentioned by the previous rep, this is not an isolated issue. Few other customer's are experiencing the same, some works when they use another payment method as suggested on the error message. Our orders team is aware of this and this is related to payment method being used which is something out of our control. We come up with redirecting customers to retailers.
Me : That's not an answer to the question that I asked you
Ken Ryan : Sorry, I missed your question. We do not have such department. Payment issues are something out of our control.
Me : So this is a known issue to GoPro and GoPro has decided not to fix it?
Ken Ryan : As mentioned this is also related to your bank/financial institution. If we cannot process/authorize a payment, then it results to an error.
Me : It's not related to my bank/financial institution because I've tried multiple institutions and had the same issue every time, and as you said, other customers are experiencing this issue as well.
Me : And, to be clear, you're offering me no alternative to use the current sale on GoPro equipment? No raincheck?
Ken Ryan : Yes, few other customers gets the same error. But then again, the error has something to do with the payment. Not a website issue. The promo is exclusive on and other retailers does not offer the same, but they may have different promo on going to score the camera at lower price.
Me : Can you issue me a raincheck for this current sale so I can purchase this equipment from GoPro directly?
Me : I do not want to pursue a retailer, we are in a pandemic and I'm limiting my unnecessary travel
Ken Ryan : We do not offer raincheck. This Black Friday promo may be available at limited time, but the original bundle with 1 year subscription will continue indefinitely.
Ken Ryan : This may not sound a brilliant idea, but asking a friend or family member to purchase the promo on your behalf could work for you.
Me : I'm not going to inconvenience my family/friends because your website/payment processing service doesn't work. That's an extremely cowardly solution. Your company should be better than that.
Me : This experience has given me no confidence in GoPro's ability to solve any issues that may arise with this equipment
Ken Ryan : I know, that my personal idea only. We appreciate the extended cooperation doing the troubleshooting and the fact that you want to pursue getting the promo. We did all possible steps that could sort it, though you mentioned your payment was verified by your bank. Still we are having issue processing the payment.
Ken Ryan : You might wanna try it at later time again.
Me : That's an extremely unsatisfying conclusion to this issue. I understand that you personally have no more options or control in this situation. I'll be posting the transcript of this chat to various social media sites in an effort to bring it to the attention of someone in a position to take action on it within GoPro.
Ken Ryan (11/25/2020, 2:35:54 PM): I see no problem with it. We'd appreciate any form of feedback. As you mentioned, few people are posting the same on our forums.
Me (11/25/2020, 2:36:34 PM): Enjoy your week then. Goodbye
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